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使用 Magic Rise - 智能可穿戴鎖精環提升您的樂趣!

想要增強你們的親密時刻嗎? Magic Rise 將為您和您的伴侶帶來歡樂。將緊密舒適的矽膠套套在陰莖根部(可能還有陰囊)周圍,感受更堅挺、更飽滿勃起的魔力。體驗持久的愉悅和強烈的感覺,帶來更強烈的性高潮,讓您喘不過氣來,想要更多。


完美貼合:Magic Rise 的緊密矽膠套確保完美貼合,提供更牢固、更令人滿意的勃起。


無盡的快樂可能性:Magic Rise 具有 10 種手動模式振動模式,提供多種感覺。通過免費應用程序輕鬆控制它,定制您的完美愉悅體驗。

讓魔法開始吧 - 立即訂購 Magic Rise,點燃你們兩人之間的激情!



使用 Magic Rise 探索愉悅和親密的新境界,這是一款創新型智能可穿戴式戒指,旨在將您的激情提升到飆升的高度。 Magic Rise 採用柔軟且有彈性的矽膠材料製成,可緊密舒適地貼合您的陰莖根部以及可能的陰囊,帶來更堅挺、更飽滿勃起的感覺。

但這還不是全部! Magic Rise 超越一切,強化您的親密體驗。這款令人愉悅的雞環具有 10 種手動模式振動模式,為您的愉悅之旅提供無限可能。無論您喜歡柔和的波浪還是強大的脈衝,都可以通過免費應用程序輕鬆控制振動,為您提供完美的體驗。

Magic Rise 不僅僅是為了增強樂趣;更是為了提升樂趣。這是為了加深您與伴侶的聯繫。 Magic Rise 配備小型運動探測器,可感知您的每一個浪漫動作。從身體的左右兩側到前後,發出探測信號,讓你的親密時刻更加神奇。它會根據您的表演強度、持續時間或性質進行調整,創造真正個性化且迷人的體驗。

準備好沉迷於《Magic Rise》所提供的持久樂趣和強烈感覺吧。體驗更強烈、更令人滿意的高潮,讓您喘不過氣來,想要更多。

讓魔法開始吧 - 立即訂購 Magic Rise,點燃你們兩人之間的激情!




無盡的愉悅可能性:享受 10 種手動模式振動模式,提供多種感覺,帶來無盡的愉悅。




刺激器類型: 智能可穿戴 Cockring

振動器: 7 種手動速度 + 通過應用程序控制無限模式

遠程控制: Magic Motion 應用程序和 Whats Sense APP


與任何視頻或直播同步: SyncMo APP

充電類型: USB 充電器

電池壽命:充電 60 分鐘,不間斷使用 60 分鐘


防水性能: IPX6防水

尺寸: 1.8x1.9x3.5 英寸/45x50x90 毫米

重量: 6.5 盎司/185 克


魔法崛起 x1


USB 線 x1


使用 Magic Motion 應用程序和 Whats Sense 應用程序探索新水平的控制和便利性,這兩個應用程序都可以在您的 iPhone、Android 設備或平板電腦上免費下載。

Magic Motion 應用程序:在此下載 - Magic Motion 應用程序

Whats Sense 應用程序:在此下載 - Whats Sense 應用程序

無論您身在何處,都可以輕鬆地遠程控制您的設備。我們的應用程序具有聊天控制、網頁控制、終結者、語音控制以及錄製與您的伴侶的會話的功能,所有這些都旨在增強您的樂趣並促進親密聯繫,即使在身體分離的情況下也是如此。使用 Magic Motion 應用程序和 Whats Sense 應用程序體驗觸手可及的終極樂趣。

通過 SyncMo 應用程序與任何視頻或直播流同步:

下載 SyncMo Magic Motion Edition 並進行 7 天免費試用https://www.magicmotion.sync-mo.com/magic-motion-download/

與 MacOS Monterey 12.3 及更高版本或 Windows 10 和 11 及更高版本兼容。


Smart Wearable Cockring - Magic Rise

Magic Rise is the perfect sex toy for couples seeking to explore new sensations and intensify pleasure in the bedroom. This smart wearable cockring is designed to provide a snug fit around the base of the penis and potentially the scrotal sac, offering the sensation of a firmer and fuller erection. By providing this snug fit, Magic Rise not only helps to prolong the experience but also enhances pleasure, often resulting in a more intense orgasm.

What's a Wearable Cockring?

A wearable cockring is a sex toy designed to be worn around the base of the penis or the penis and scrotum simultaneously. It is typically made of body-safe materials and is designed to enhance sexual experiences by increasing blood flow to the genital area, resulting in a firmer and longer-lasting erection. So, what does a cockring do?

How does a Wearable Cockring work?

Magic Rise operates by providing a snug and comfortable fit around the base of the penis and potentially the scrotal sac. This fit restricts blood flow from leaving the area, which can result in a fuller and harder erection. Additionally, Magic Rise is equipped with a small motion detector that can sense your sexual positions during intimate moments. It can detect movement from the right, left, front, and back of the body, allowing it to send out a detection signal. It can also analyze the intensity, duration, and nature of your performance to enhance your experience even further.

How to use Magic Rise Cockring?

Using Magic Rise is a simple and enjoyable experience. Before getting intimate, make sure your Magic Rise is fully charged using the included USB charger. Lubricate, apply water-based lubricant to the inside of the cock ring to ensure a comfortable and tight fit.

To wear the Magic Rise, place the Magic Rise over the base of the penis and possibly the scrotum. Make sure it's snug but not too tight to avoid discomfort. Download Magic Motion or what SeeseAPP on your phone or tablet and activate the device using the control buttons or the Magic Motion app, which allows remote control and customization of vibration patterns.

Magic Rise will enhance your erection and stimulate your partner during intercourse. Wear a cockring and Explore different positions and sensations to enhance pleasure and enjoy intimate moments.

Why choose Magic Rise?

Magic Rise is a smart, wearable vibrating ring whose unique design provides form-fitting comfort that can extend intercourse and enhance pleasure, often leading to more intense orgasms. It increases the fullness of erections by restricting blood flow, providing longer-lasting and firmer erections.

Magic Rise is equipped with small motion detectors that sense your sexual positions during intimate moments. It can detect the right, left, forward and backward movement of the body and send detection signals. It can also analyze the intensity, duration and nature of sexual behavior to further enhance your experience. This makes sex more innovative and fun.

Magic Rise offers a wealth of vibration modes, including seven manual speeds and infinite modes controlled by SyncMo for video synchronization. These modes can be adjusted to personal preferences for a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Magic Rise not only enhances sexual pleasure, but also features smart sensing technology and diverse vibration modes, bringing innovation and fun to couples. It's easy to use, has a watertight design, and is backed by excellent customer support, making it ideal for adding spice and improving the quality of your sex life.

Tips for using Magic Rise safely

1. Clean Before and After Use: Before and after each use, make sure to clean your Magic Rise thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. Proper hygiene is essential to prevent any potential infections.

2. Use Lubrication: To enhance comfort and reduce friction, it's advisable to use a water-based lubricant when wearing Magic Rise. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants, as they may damage the silicone material of the toy.

3. Ensure a Snug Fit: Magic Rise should fit comfortably but snugly around the base of the penis and potentially the scrotal sac. Ensure it's not too tight to avoid discomfort or circulation issues. If you experience any discomfort, remove it immediately.

4. Limit Usage Time: Prolonged usage of a cockring, including smart ones like Magic Rise, can lead to discomfort or potential issues. It's recommended to limit the usage time to around 20-30 minutes. If you plan to use it for a longer duration, take breaks in between.

5. Pay Attention to Sensations: Pay close attention to how your body responds while using Magic Rise. If you experience any pain, numbness, or unusual sensations, remove it immediately. Ensure that you maintain good circulation throughout your intimate moments.

6. Charge Before Use: Ensure that Magic Rise is fully charged before your intimate encounters. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging to prevent any interruptions during use.

7. Do Not Submerge Charging Port: While Magic Rise is waterproof, make sure not to submerge the charging port or expose it to water. This could damage the device.

8. Use Responsibly: Magic Rise is designed for adult use only. Keep it out of reach of children and store it in a safe and discreet location.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Magic Rise safe to use for all individuals?

 Magic Rise is generally safe for most individuals. However, if you have any underlying medical conditions, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using it. Additionally, ensure you use it as directed and do not over-tighten.

2. Can Magic Rise be used with a partner?

Yes, Magic Rise can be used with a partner. Its smart features allow for remote control and interaction, making it an exciting addition to couples' intimate experiences.

3. How do I clean Magic Rise?

Clean Magic Rise before and after use with warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. Ensure it is completely dry before storing it.

4. Can I use a silicone-based lubricant with Magic Rise?

It's recommended to use a water-based lubricant with Magic Rise to prevent potential damage to the silicone material.

5. How long should I wear Magic Rise during a session?

To prevent discomfort or potential issues, it's best to limit the usage time to around 20-30 minutes. Longer sessions may require breaks in between.

6. Is Magic Rise discreet to wear in public?

Magic Rise is Magic Rise is indeed discreet to wear in public. Its compact and ergonomic design is intended for a comfortable fit that remains unobtrusive under clothing. You can confidently wear Magic Rise during outings or intimate encounters without causing any discomfort or drawing attention.

Shop Magic Rise at Magic Motion

When you choose to shop for Magic Rise at Magic Motion, you're making a smart and satisfying choice. By shopping for Magic Rise at Magic Motion, you're not only gaining access to a high-quality and innovative product but also benefiting from a trusted and reliable source.

Authenticity Guaranteed: Magic Motion is a reputable brand known for its commitment to quality and safety. When you purchase Magic Rise from their official store, you can trust that you're getting a genuine product that meets the highest standards.

Product Warranty: Magic Motion stands behind the quality of their products. When you purchase Magic Rise from their official store, you often receive a manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing your investment and providing assurance in case of any unexpected issues.

Excellent Customer Service: Should you have any questions or encounter any issues with your purchase, Magic Motion's dedicated customer support team is ready to assist you. They prioritize customer satisfaction and are there to address your concerns promptly.

Privacy and Discretion: Magic Motion understands the importance of privacy when it comes to intimate products. They take measures to ensure discreet packaging and billing, so your shopping experience remains entirely confidential.

Product Knowledge: Magic Motion provides detailed information about their products, including specifications, usage tips, and FAQs. This valuable information helps you make informed choices and get the most out of your purchase.