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Magic Motion

Magic Solstice

Magic Solstice

APP-controlled Prostate Massager

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Magic Solstice - Solstice Prostate Massager

Unleash sensational pleasure with Solstice Prostate Massager! Experience cutting-edge pleasure with APP-controlled vibrations synced to music, interactive calls, and more.


7 Vibration Modes: From gentle caressing to intense pulsations, choose from seven exciting modes tailored to your desires.

Wireless Remote Control with App: Take charge from anywhere with the free Whats Sense App, perfect for solo play or intimate moments with a partner.

Video Sync Feature: Immerse yourself in real-time pleasure by syncing Solstice to any video or live stream for an unparalleled experience.

Upgrade your pleasure with Solstice - Your ultimate path to ecstasy!

Get Solstice now and redefine your pleasure!

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Introducing Solstice - Elevate Your Pleasure Beyond Limits!

Whether for solo adventures or shared passion, the Solstice prostate vibrator elevates connection and satisfaction. Explore the various interactive modes below:

Manual Control Mode: Take full control of the intensity and pattern of vibrations with this mode. Easily adjust the settings to match your desires, providing a personalized experience tailored exactly to what excites you the most.

APP Control Mode: Connect Solstice to the Magic Motion or Whats Sense APP, and open the door to a world of pleasure possibilities. The APP offers a variety of styles to suit your preferences, allowing you to explore an array of vibration patterns, speeds, and rhythms. Whether you're indulging in solo play or sharing long-distance pleasure with your partner in another city, this mode offers unlimited patterns and sensations for an immersive experience.

Video Sync Mode: Discover a thrilling new dimension of pleasure with the Video Sync feature. Download the SyncMo APP and witness Solstice vibrating in sync with on-screen movements of video content. Whether it's streaming video, a video call, or local video, Solstice will respond in real-time, enhancing your pleasure as you watch. There are no additional costs to access this feature, ensuring pure pleasure and excitement without limits.

In addition to its interactive modes, Solstice boasts a Flexible & Bendable Design crafted from high-end flexible silicone. This unique feature allows you to customize the perfect angle for mind-blowing anal orgasms. Beyond just pleasure, Solstice also emphasizes prostate health, making it a truly comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Waterproof and rechargeable : Fully-covered with body-safe odorless silicone, Solstice is 100% waterproof, making it the perfect companion for pleasure in the bathtub or swimming pool. With its built-in battery, this anal sex toy provides up to 1 hour of playtime before requiring a recharge.


Solstice is your ultimate companion for exploring uncharted pleasure territories. With its ergonomic design, smartphone interactivity, and waterproof features, you can confidently explore the depths of passion without limits. Don't wait to elevate your intimate experiences – get Solstice today and embark on a journey of pure ecstasy!

Get yours now and experience pleasure like never before!


Features & Benefits

• APP-Controlled: Easily control Solstice through the Magic Motion or Whats Sense APP for a seamless and personalized experience with various vibration patterns and intensities.
• 7 Vibration Modes: Explore seven distinct vibration modes, ranging from gentle caressing to intense pulsations, ensuring a pleasure experience tailored to your desires.
• Video Sync: Download the SyncMo APP and witness Solstice vibrating in sync with on-screen movements of video content - streaming, video calls, or local videos - for an immersive and interactive experience.
• Flexible & Bendable Design: Crafted from high-end flexible silicone, Solstice allows you to adjust it to the perfect angle, providing a mind-blowing prostate stimulation experience while promoting prostate health.
• Waterproof & Rechargeable: Fully covered in body-safe silicone, Solstice is 100% waterproof, making it ideal for exploring pleasure in the bathtub or pool. Its built-in battery offers up to 1 hour of playtime before requiring a recharge.
• Easy to Clean and Waterproof: Hassle-free maintenance and aquatic exploration.
• Suitable for All Levels: Delightful experience for beginners and experts.
• Body-Safe Materials: Crafted from silicone and ABS for a safe experience.
• USB Rechargeable: Convenient and eco-friendly power supply.
• Perfect for Prostate Pleasure: Enhances intimacy and self-discovery.
• Explore a Realm of Pleasure: Discover the full range of luxury anal toys with APP support.
• Enhance Long-Distance Intimacy: Foster connection even miles apart.


Type of Stimulator: APP-controlled Prostate Massager

Vibrators: 7 manual speeds + unlimited patterns by App control

Controlled Remotely: Magic Motion App and Whats Sense APP

Controlled Locally: Smartphone APP, Manual

Sync with ANY video or live stream: SyncMo APP

Charging Type: USB Charger

Battery Life: 90 mins Charging Time for 120 mins Uninterrupted Use

Materials Used: Body-Safe Silicone and ABS

Water Resistance: IPX6 Waterproof

Size: 1.3x3.9(5.2)in/28x99(132)mm

Weight: 3.2oz/92g

 Inside The Box:

1 Solstice Prostate Vibrator

1 Easy to Read Manual Guide

1 USB – DC Cable

1 Storage Box

App feature and Download

Discover a new level of control and convenience with the Magic Motion App and Whats Sense App, both available for free download on your iPhone, Android device, or tablet.

Magic Motion App: Download here - Magic Motion App

Whats Sense App: Download here - Whats Sense App

Effortlessly control your device from a distance, no matter where you are. Our apps feature Chat Control, game Control, Voice Control, and more, all designed to enhance your pleasure and foster intimate connections even when physically apart. Experience the ultimate pleasure at your fingertips with the Magic Motion App & Whats Sense App.

Sync with ANY Video or Live Stream via SyncMo App:

Download and have a 7-day free trial at SyncMo Magic Motion Edition

Compatible with MacOS Monterey 12.3 and above or Windows 10 & 11 and above.

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Smart Prostate Massager - Magic Solstice

Magic Solstice is a smart prostate massager designed to provide a comfortable and effective massage experience. Whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to prostate massager use, Solstice combines ergonomic design and smartphone interactive technology to provide an excellent user experience.

What's Prostate Massager?

Prostate Massager is a sexual health device specially designed for men. The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland located under the bladder and is an integral part of the male reproductive system. The prostate massager for men is designed to stimulate the prostate (also known as the male G-spot) for sexual pleasure and potential health benefits.

How does a Prostate Massager work?

Insert the prostate massager into the rectum and rest it against the prostate. It delivers gentle vibrations or pressure to the prostate, resulting in sexual pleasure and orgasm. Some prostate massagers are designed for manual use, while the Magic Solstice is app-controlled for a more customized experience. So, how to use a prostate massager?

How to use Magic Solstice Prostate Massager?

Using Magic Solstice is a breeze. Just turn it on and you will immediately feel its powerful vibrations. To realize its full potential, connect it to the Whats Sense app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to control the massager remotely, sync it with music, explore various vibration patterns, and even interact through calls, pictures, and texts. Its flexible and bendable design ensures comfort and precise positioning for optimal prostate stimulation.

Why choose Magic Solstice?

Magic Solstice offers seven vibration modes to suit every preference, from gentle caresses to intense pulsations. You can customize your experience for maximum fun. With apps like Whats Sense, you can control your estate massager toy remotely, whether playing solo or with a partner. This adds excitement and variety to your intimate experience. Magic Solstice is compatible with Magic Motion App and SyncMo App, allowing synchronization with videos and live broadcast massager videos for a more immersive experience, turning fantasies into reality.

Magic Solstice's sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry and store, and comes with a storage box for discrete and secure storage between uses. The soft, bendable design, along with waterproof and rechargeable features, satisfy the needs of both beginners and experienced prostate stimulation toy users. User-friendly features and customizable male prostate massager settings make it easy for everyone to get started.

Tips for using Magic Solstice safely

1. Clean Before and After Use: Always clean the Magic Solstice before and after each use. Use mild soap and warm water or a specialized toy cleaner to ensure it's free from any contaminants. Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before storage.

2. Charge Properly: When charging the Magic Solstice, make sure the charging port is securely closed to prevent any water damage. Use the provided USB charger and avoid overcharging to maintain battery health.

3. Use Lubrication: Apply a water-based lubricant to the Magic Solstice for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants, as they can damage the silicone material of the device.

4. Start Slowly: If you're new to prostate massagers or the Magic Solstice, start with the lower vibration settings and gradually increase intensity as you become more comfortable. Listen to your body and adjust according to your preferences.

5. Use with Caution: While the Magic Solstice is designed for pleasure, it's essential to use it safely and within your comfort zone. Pay attention to your body's signals and stop using it if you experience discomfort or pain.

6. Hygiene Matters: Ensure your hands are clean before handling the Magic Solstice. Additionally, it's a good practice to trim and clean your nails to avoid any accidental scratches or discomfort during use.

7. Store Carefully: Store the Magic Solstice in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Use the provided storage box to keep it clean and protected between uses.

8. Charge Before Use: To avoid interruptions during your intimate moments, ensure the Magic Solstice is fully charged before use. A fully charged device provides uninterrupted pleasure.

9. Consult a Healthcare Professional: If you have specific health concerns or conditions related to prostate health, consult with a healthcare professional before using a prostate massager like the Magic Solstice.

10. Use Responsibly: The Magic Solstice is designed for adult use and should be used responsibly and consensually. Always respect personal boundaries and engage in safe and consensual intimate activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are prostate massagers safe to use?

Prostate massagers like the Magic Solstice are generally safe when used correctly and responsibly. It's essential to follow the provided user manual and safety guidelines for safe usage. If you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns, consult a healthcare professional before using a prostate massager.

How do I clean and maintain the Magic Solstice?

To clean the Magic Solstice, use mild soap and warm water or a specialized sex toy cleaner. Ensure it's thoroughly rinsed and dried before storage. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain its quality.

Can I use the Magic Solstice in the shower or bathtub?

Yes, the Magic Solstice is designed to be 100% waterproof, making it suitable for use in the shower or bathtub. You can enjoy its stimulating sensations in wet environments without any concerns.

How long does the Magic Solstice's battery last on a single charge?

The Magic Solstice provides 90 minutes of uninterrupted use with just 120 minutes of charging time. Make sure to charge it fully before your intimate sessions to avoid interruptions.

Is the Magic Solstice compatible with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the Magic Solstice can be easily controlled through the Whats Sense App, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows you to customize your experience, sync with music, and more.

Can I use the Magic Solstice for solo or couple play?

Yes, the Magic Solstice can be used for both solo masturbation and couple interaction. The wireless remote control via the app allows for versatile and exciting intimate experiences, whether you're on your own or with a partner.

Is the Magic Solstice discreet for travel and storage?

Absolutely! The Magic Solstice has a sleek and compact design, making it ideal for travel. It comes with a storage box for discreet and safe storage between uses.

Shop Magic Solstice at Magic Motion

Authenticity Guaranteed: Magic Motion is a reputable sex toy brand known for providing high-quality, safe and innovative products. Purchasing Magic Solstice means you can shop with confidence without worrying about buying fake or inferior products.

User-friendly: Magic Motion focuses on user experience, and their products are very user-friendly in design and use. Magic Solstice is equipped with an intuitive control interface and is easy to operate. Additionally, compatibility with Whats Sense App enables users to customize and control their experience, making it more personal.

Excellent Customer Service: Magic Motion provides excellent customer service. Regardless of any issues you encounter during the purchasing process or while using Magic Solstice, their customer support team will provide timely help and solutions. They focus on their customers' needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Privacy Protection: When purchasing Magic Solstice on Magic Motion, your privacy will be fully protected. They adopt a strict privacy policy to ensure the safety of your personal information and purchasing records. You can shop with confidence without worrying about personal information being leaked.