SyncMo Software Download and Install Guide

SyncMo Software Download and Install Guide


The SyncMo software syncs Magic Motion toys ( with video actions for an immersive viewing experience. This compatibility extends across streaming services, local video playback, real-time video calls, and online broadcasts. Connection via Bluetooth enables a hands-free operation of the toys.

Available Editions

  1. Universal Edition (SyncMo Magic Motion Edition):

- Compatible with all Magic Motion toys.

- Includes a 7-day free trial; post-trial, a software license is required for continued use (Cost: $30 USD).

  1. Xone Edition (SyncMo Magic Motion Xone Edition):

- Exclusively for the Magic Motion Xone Stroker.

- Comes free with the purchase of a Xone Stroker, with the activation key included in the product box.

System Requirements

- Supports desktops and laptops.

- Must be macOS (Monterey 12.3 or newer) and Windows (10 & 11 or newer).


Download Instructions

Visit the official download page:

SyncMo Download link (

Selecting the Correct Version:

- For Universal Edition, select via the purple gradient link.

- For Xone Edition, use the black area link.


- Ensure correct Mac OS version selection (MacOS: M1/M2 or Intel), To see M1/M2 or Intel information about your Mac, choose Apple menu > About This Mac

Important Notes

- Incorrect software version selection may inhibit software functionality.

- Universal Edition is compatible with all products; Xone Edition is exclusive to the Xone Stroker.

Troubleshooting and Support

- For issues, visit the [Support Knowledge Base]( Google Translate is available for non-English speakers.

- Further inquiries can be directed to [SyncMo Contact Us](

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