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Magic Motion

Magic Fugu 

Magic Fugu 

Smart Wearable Vibrator

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Magic Fugu Smart Vibrator - Redefine Pleasure

Experience pure delight with Magic Fugu's compact design – your on-the-go pleasure companion. Enjoy 7 divine vibration patterns for clitoral and vaginal bliss, controlled via button or app. Dive into wet pleasure anywhere, thanks to its waterproof feature.

Discover Magic Fugu:

Natural Comfort: Tailored design for authentic pleasure, tantalizing both clitoral and vaginal zones.

Power Packed: Small yet mighty, relish intense vibrations wherever you are.

App Adventure: Command from afar with Magic Motion App, sync vibrations with videos for an immersive experience.

Level up your pleasure with Magic Fugu. Order now for thrilling solo or partnered ecstasy. Redefine pleasure today!"

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The Enchanting Tale of Magic Fugu

In a world where pleasure knows no bounds, a magical creature named Fugu dwelled deep in the depths of the ocean. Fugu was no ordinary creature; it possessed the power to unlock the most intense and enchanting sensations in all who encountered it. Legends spoke of its ability to stimulate both the body and soul, leaving those who experienced its magic forever changed.

One fateful day, a group of curious explorers stumbled upon a mystical underwater cave, rumored to be the dwelling place of Fugu. Drawn by the allure of its legendary powers, they ventured deeper into the cave, following the whispers of the sea. As they reached the heart of the cave, a dazzling light beckoned them, and there, amidst the shimmering coral, they beheld the mystical being - Magic Fugu.

Enthralled by its beauty and intrigued by the promise of pleasure, the explorers approached Fugu with both excitement and trepidation. To their astonishment, the creature welcomed them with a gentle glow, filling their hearts with a sense of wonder and anticipation. As they gazed into its mesmerizing eyes, they knew they were about to embark on an extraordinary journey of pleasure and connection.

With a graceful gesture, Fugu unveiled its most precious gift - a wondrous device of delight. Aptly named Magic Fugu, this pleasure enhancer held the key to unlocking their deepest desires and fulfilling their wildest fantasies. Its compact and portable design symbolized the freedom to experience pleasure wherever they desired, whether on land or in the waters.

Features & Benefits

Intense Stimulation: Experience simultaneous Clitoral and G-spot stimulation for mind-blowing pleasure.

Magic Motion App Control: Take charge of your pleasure from anywhere in the world with remote control capabilities.

Manual Control with One Button: Easily customize your experience with various speeds and patterns, even without a Smartphone.

Video Sync Feature with SyncMo APP: Immerse yourself in real-time pleasure with Video Sync capabilities.

Waterproof: Enjoy the Magic Flamingo in the shower or bath for added excitement.

Long Battery Life: Charge for 60 mins and indulge in 90 mins of continuous pleasure.

USB Rechargeable: Conveniently recharge with the included DC cable.

Ergonomic Design and Body-safe Silicone: Experience comfort and pleasure with the ergonomic design and Body-safe silicone.


Type of Stimulator: Smart Wearable Vibrator

Vibrators: 7 manual speeds + unlimited patterns by App control

Controlled Remotely: Magic Motion App and Whats Sense APP

Controlled Locally: Smartphone APP, Manual

Sync with ANY video or live stream: SyncMo APP

Charging Type: USB Charger

Battery Life: 60 mins of charging time for 90 mins of uninterrupted use

Materials Used: Body-Safe Silicone, ABS

Water Resistance: IPX6 Waterproof

Size: 1.3x1.3x2.7(8.3) inch/ 34x34x69(210)mm

Weight: 2 oz/56g


Inside the Box:

Magic Fugu x1

User Guide x1

Storage Bag x1

USB-DC Cable x1

App feature and Download

Discover a new level of control and convenience with the Magic Motion App and Whats Sense App, both available for free download on your iPhone, Android device, or tablet.

Magic Motion App: Download here - Magic Motion App

Whats Sense App: Download here - Whats Sense App

Effortlessly control your device from a distance, no matter where you are. Our apps feature Chat Control, game Control, Voice Control, and more, all designed to enhance your pleasure and foster intimate connections even when physically apart. Experience the ultimate pleasure at your fingertips with the Magic Motion App & Whats Sense App.

Sync with ANY Video or Live Stream via SyncMo App:

Download and have a 7-day free trial at SyncMo Magic Motion Edition

Compatible with MacOS Monterey 12.3 and above or Windows 10 & 11 and above.

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Smart Wearable Vibrator - Magic Fugu

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What is a Wearable Vibrator?

The Wearable Vibrator is a versatile sex toy that you can wear discreetly, allowing you to enjoy sensual vibrations hands-free. Stimulates your clitoral and vaginal areas, providing delicate sensations for enhanced intimacy.

Wearable Vibrator is a multifunctional sex toy with a compact and portable design that can be worn on the body, allowing you to enjoy stimulation and pleasure. Especially for couples or during individual masturbation, wearable vibrators are designed to make direct contact with sensitive areas, such as the clitoris or vagina, to provide pleasurable vibrations and stimulation.

How Does a Wearable Vibrator Work?

Wearable Vibrator typically has different vibration patterns and intensity settings, allowing users to customize the experience to their liking. Some wearable vibrators are also equipped with remote controls or mobile phone apps, through which users can choose different vibration patterns, intensities and rhythms. Enjoyable experiences can even be shared with remote partners.

Wearable vibrators are designed to be worn at specific locations on the body to provide stimulation. These locations can include the clitoris, vagina, G-spot, nipples, and more. The shape and construction of the vibrator is usually carefully designed to ensure optimal contact and stimulation.

How to Use Magic Fugu Vibrator?

Using the Magic Fugu Vibrator is effortless. To unlock its full potential and access a wider range of features, download the Magic Motion app on your iPhone, Android device, or tablet. This intuitive app allows you to control your device remotely, making it easy to customize your experience. Enjoy chat control, music control, voice control and more to personalize your fun.

Why Choose Magic Fugu?

The Magic Fugu has a compact and portable design, making it perfect for travelling. Its compact size makes it easy to take it with you, so you can enjoy it no matter where you are. 7 manual vibration speeds and Magic Motion remote control mean you can share the fun with a remote partner or let others take control of your pleasurable experience. SyncMo makes you feel as if you are actually there, even if you are alone, you can enjoy the most realistic sexual experience.

In addition, the Magic Fugu production material and waterproof design provide you with more usage options and possibilities. Its advantages such as compactness and portability, multifunctional vibration, and remote control make it an attractive wearable vibrator.

Tips for Using Magic Fugu Safely

1. Clean Before and After Use: Before using Magic Fugu, ensure it is clean and free from any dust or debris. After use, clean it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or a specialized sex toy cleaner.

2. Charge Properly: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging Magic Fugu. Overcharging or using the wrong charger can damage the device.

3. Use Water-Based Lubricants: If you choose to use lubricants, make sure they are water-based. Avoid silicone or oil-based lubricants, as they can damage the silicone surface of Magic Fugu.

4. Start Slowly: When using Magic Fugu for the first time or trying a new vibration pattern, start with the lowest intensity setting to avoid overstimulation.

5. Avoid Sharing: For hygiene reasons, it's best not to share Magic Fugu with others unless you use a new, sterilized attachment.

6. Check for Allergies: If you have sensitive skin or allergies, it's a good idea to test a small area of your body with Magic Fugu first to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Magic Fugu safe to use in water?

Yes, Magic Fugu is designed to be waterproof, allowing for safe use in water, such as a bath or shower.

How do I control Magic Fugu?

You can download the Magic Motion, Whats Sense or SyncMo App using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Choose from different vibration patterns and intensities.

Can I use Magic Fugu with a partner?

Yes, Magic Fugu can be used both for solo play and with a partner. The remote control functionality through the app allows for interactive and shared experiences.

Is Magic Fugu discreet for travel?

Yes, Magic Fugu has a discreet and compact design, making it suitable for travel. It can easily fit into your bag or luggage.

What is the battery life of Magic Fugu?

Magic Fugu has a battery life of approximately 90 minutes on a full charge, with a charging time of around 60 minutes.

Shop Magic Fugu at Magic Motion

To purchase Magic Fugu and explore its features, you can visit the official Magic Motion website or authorized retailers. Enjoy a safe and pleasurable experience with this innovative wearable vibrator.

Choosing to shop for Magic Fugu at Magic Motion means you will enjoy a trusted brand, privacy protection, exceptional customer service, and a diverse selection. These advantages will enhance your shopping experience and ensure you receive high-quality products.

Authenticity Guarantee: One of the biggest advantages of purchasing Magic Fugu is that you can ensure you are getting an authentic product. Magic Motion is a reputable brand in the world of intimate toys, and they rigorously control the manufacturing and distribution processes to prevent counterfeit products from entering the market. This means you can shop with confidence, knowing you are receiving a high-quality product.

Privacy Protection: Magic Motion prioritizes customer privacy and security. They have implemented a range of measures to safeguard your personal information and shopping privacy. Your order and transaction details will be handled with strict confidentiality, ensuring your shopping experience remains private.

Exceptional Customer Service: Magic Motion provides excellent customer service. If you encounter any issues while purchasing or using Magic Fugu, their customer support team will be more than happy to offer assistance and solutions. They care about customer experiences and strive to provide a satisfying shopping experience.

Diverse Selection: On the official Magic Motion website, you can find their complete product line, including various types of intimate toys and accessories. This offers you a wide selection to meet different needs and preferences. Whether you are a first-time user or an experienced one, you can find a product that suits you.

Secure Shopping Environment: Magic Motion offers a secure online shopping environment. They employ secure payment systems and data encryption technology to ensure your payment information and personal data are thoroughly protected.