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Magic Motion

Magic Equinox

Magic Equinox

Smart Butt Plug with Suction-Cup

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Pleasure with Magic Equinox Butt Plug

Elevate your sensual adventures with the Equinox Butt Plug. Indulge in app-controlled delight, video sync excitement, and hands-free flexibility. Experience pleasure like never before!

Indulge in Ultimate Anal Pleasure: Equinox Butt Plug!

‚ô°APP-Enabled for Hands-Free Control

‚ô°Video Sync for Intimate Adventures

‚ô°Flexible Design with Suction Cup

Experience mind-blowing satisfaction with Equinox Butt Plug, offering app-controlled pleasure, video sync capabilities, and a flexible design for hands-free delight. Elevate your intimate experiences to new heights with Equinox!


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APP-Enabled for Hands-Free Control: Take control of your pleasure with the free Whats Sense App, allowing you to customize vibrations, indulge in unlimited control modes, such as hand-drawn controls, voice control, and chat control, and sync with your favorite music for an immersive experience.

Video Sync for Intimate Adventures: Elevate your pleasure with SyncMo App compatibility, syncing Equinox's movements with on-screen action during videos and live streams, bringing your fantasies to life like never before.

Flexible Design with Suction Cup: Equinox's bendable design and hands-free suction cup offer the perfect angle for stimulating pleasure, letting you explore new realms of delight and liberating your hands for uninhibited exploration.

Body-Safe Silicone: Equinox Butt Plug is meticulously crafted from premium body-safe silicone, ensuring a velvety-smooth texture that feels delightful against your skin. This high-quality material is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless, making it safe for prolonged use and compatible with sensitive skin.

Easy-to-Use Controls: Discover effortless pleasure with Equinox's user-friendly controls. The intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly navigate through the seven sensational vibration modes, allowing you to customize your experience to suit your desires.

Whisper-Quiet Motor: Equinox is equipped with a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor, ensuring your intimate moments remain discreet and private. Enjoy your sensual adventures without worrying about any unwanted disturbances.

Travel-Friendly: With its compact size and discreet design, Equinox Butt Plug is the ideal travel companion for pleasure on the go. Slip it into your bag or luggage, and take it with you to experience ecstasy wherever your journey leads.

USB Rechargeable: Say goodbye to batteries. Equinox is designed with a USB rechargeable battery, providing long-lasting power for your intimate indulgences. Simply plug it in, and it will be ready to thrill you again and again.

IPX6 Waterproof: Embrace the wet and wild side of pleasure with Equinox's IPX6 waterproof rating. Whether you're enjoying a relaxing bath or a steamy shower, this anal vibrator can accompany you for aquatic adventures.

Easy to Clean: Cleaning Equinox is a breeze. Simply wash it with warm water and mild soap or use a toy cleaner to keep it pristine and hygienic for each use. Maintaining your Equinox Butt Plug has never been easier.

Features and Benefits

APP-Enabled Hands-Free Control: Customize vibrations, sync with your favorite music, and enjoy unlimited control modes for personalized pleasure.

Video Sync for Intimate Adventures: Elevate pleasure with SyncMo App compatibility, synchronizing with on-screen action during videos and live streams.

Flexible Design with Suction Cup: Bendable design and hands-free suction cup for stimulating pleasure and exploration.

Body-Safe Silicone: Velvety-smooth texture and complete comfort ensure a safe and satisfying experience.

Easy-to-Use Controls: Seamlessly navigate seven vibration modes for ultimate pleasure.

Whisper-Quiet Motor: Enjoy discreet and private intimate moments with a powerful, whisper-quiet motor.

Travel-Friendly and USB Rechargeable: Compact design for on-the-go pleasure and long-lasting power without batteries.

IPX6 Waterproof and Easy to Clean: Perfect for wet and wild adventures and simple maintenance.


Type of Stimulator: APP-controlled ButtPlug with Suction Cup

Finishing Touch: Firm Consistency and Skin-Pleasing

Vibrators: 10 manual speeds + unlimited patterns by App control

Controlled Remotely: Magic Motion App and Whats Sense APP

Controlled Locally: Smartphone APP, Manual

Sync with ANY video or live stream: SyncMo APP

Charging Type: USB Port Rechargeable / Magnetic USB Charging

Battery Life: 120 mins of charging time for 60 mins of uninterrupted use

Materials Used: Body-Safe Silicone and ABS

Water Resistance: IPX6 Waterproof

Size: 1.4(2.6)x3.5(4.3)in/35(67)x88(108)mm

Weight: 3.1oz/88g


Inside the Box:

1 Equinox Butt Plug with Suction Cup

1 Easy-to-Read Manual Guide

1 Magnetic USB Cable

1 Storage Box

App feature and Download

For Enhanced Pleasure and Intimate Connections, Experience the Magic Motion App & Whats Sense App!

Discover a new level of control and convenience with the Magic Motion App and Whats Sense App, both available for free download on your iPhone, Android device, or tablet.

Magic Motion App: Download here - Magic Motion App

Whats Sense App: Download here - Whats Sense App

Effortlessly control your device from a distance, no matter where you are. Our apps feature Chat Control, game Control, Voice Control, and more, all designed to enhance your pleasure and foster intimate connections even when physically apart. Experience the ultimate pleasure at your fingertips with the Magic Motion App & Whats Sense App.


Sync with ANY Video or Live Stream via SyncMo App:

Download and have a 7-day free trial at SyncMo Magic Motion Edition

Compatible with MacOS Monterey 12.3 and above or Windows 10 & 11 and above.

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Butt Plug with Suction Cup - Magic Equinox

Magic Equinox Butt Plug is an app-controlled anal vibrator designed for beginners and experienced users alike. These flexible and soft Sex Toys are made from body-safe silicone to ensure comfort and safety during every intimate encounter. The Magic Equinox has an ergonomically sculpted design that targets all the right areas to provide a refined feel for your sexual pleasure. Plus, with its reliable suction cup base, you can enjoy hands-free play, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the moment.

What is a butt plug with suction cup?

The butt plug with suction cup base is a versatile anal toy, this butt plug for men is designed for solo play and partner play. The suction cup mount securely adheres to flat surfaces like walls or floors for hands-free exploration. This is an excellent choice for those looking for thrills and freedom while enjoying the stimulation that anal plugs provide.

How does a butt plug work?

Insert a butt plug into the anus to enhance sexual pleasure. It stimulates the anal nerves, which can enhance orgasm. The Equinox Butt Plug, in particular, offers a range of vibration patterns and intensities that can be controlled via a smartphone app, providing an experience tailored to your needs.

How to use Magic Equinox

Using Magic Equinox is a breeze. Before use, make sure your Equinox is clean and fully charged using the provided USB cable. Download the Magic Motion app or Whats Sense app on your phone. Sync the Equinox Butt Plug with your Toys via Bluetooth.

Once connected, you can explore a variety of features, including different vibration patterns, music sync, hand-drawn controls, and even interaction options like calls, pictures, and text. Download the SyncMo app, compatibility boosts your fun, and syncs the Equinox's motion with the on-screen action during video and live broadcasts to live out your fantasies like never before.

Attach the suction cup base to a smooth, flat surface for a hands-free experience, or hold it in your hand for more control. Customize your experience by trying various settings and finding the one that gives you the most fun.

Why Choose Magic Equinox?

The Magic Equinox is made from body-safe silicone and ABS to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Its IPX6 waterproof rating makes it suitable for water adventures in the shower or bath. Magic Equinox offers a wide variety of settings, with 7 manual speeds and unlimited mode available via the app, meaning you can customize the experience to your preference, adjusting as needed.

Through the Magic Motion App or Whats Sense App, you can control the Equinox Butt Plug from the remote, enjoy the interaction with your partner, music synchronization and other functions. This makes long-distance intimacy more exciting and fun. This means that whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you can find a way to experience it that suits you.

Magic Equinox is a feature-rich, well-designed, safe and comfortable app-controlled anal vibrator suitable for a variety of users. Whether you're exploring new territory or adding excitement to your existing sex life, the Equinox Butt Plug is an option worth considering.

Tips for Safely Using Magic Equinox

Magic Equinox is a safe anal vibrator, but to ensure your sexual pleasure experience is more comfortable and secure, here are some usage recommendations:

1. Hygiene: Thoroughly clean Magic Equinox with warm water and mild soap or a specialized adult toy cleaner before and after each use. Ensure it's completely dry before storing it.

2. Lubrication: To reduce discomfort, use water-based lubricant. Avoid using silicone-based lubricants as they may damage the silicone material.

3. Gentle Insertion: When inserting Magic Equinox, make sure to do so gently and gradually. For beginners, start with smaller sections and gradually adapt. Never force insertion to ensure comfort and safety.

4. Avoid Anal-Vaginal Cross-Contamination: If you plan to switch between anal and vaginal use, ensure thorough cleaning of Magic Equinox before each switch to minimize the risk of infections.

5. Regular Charging: Ensure Magic Equinox is charged before use to prevent running out of battery at the least convenient moment.

6. Avoid Stimulants: Avoid using anesthetics or alcohol while using Magic Equinox. These substances may affect your judgment and sensation, increasing safety risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Magic Equinox waterproof?

Yes, Magic Equinox has an IPX6 waterproof rating and can be used in water, such as in the shower or bath.

Can I use Magic Equinox in public places?

Magic Equinox is designed to be discreet and quiet, but please use it in a private setting to ensure your privacy and the comfort of others.

How do I clean Magic Equinox?

Gently clean it with warm water and mild soap or an adult toy cleaner, then rinse with clean water and thoroughly dry.

Can I use Magic Equinox vaginally as well?

While Magic Equinox is an anal vibrator, if you plan to switch between anal and vaginal use, ensure thorough cleaning before each switch to minimize the risk of infections.

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