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Magic Motion

Kegel Coach

Kegel Coach

Interactive Kegel Trainer for Beginner

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Unlock confidence with Kegel Coach – your entry-level at-home solution for a healthier, more empowered you. Ideal for:

- Individuals dealing with incontinence
- Beginners doing pelvic floor muscle training
- Anyone looking to enhance intimate well-being

Benefit from sensor-based real-time force pressure feedback and a free virtual coach for Kegel training. Embrace the power of smart technology and personalized fitness on your terms. Start your journey today and experience the transformative magic of new sex tech!

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Join the ranks of over 500,000 satisfied women who have discovered relief with our entry-level Magic Kegel series. The stylish pink Kegel Coach ensures at-home solution for Kegel exercises. With cutting-edge built-in sensors, it easily detects the force of pelvic floor muscle pressure. Real-time voice coaching guides you through empowering 10-15 minute exercises, ensuring you maximize the benefits of each session. Tracking progress is effortless with Kegel Coach. Every movement is meticulously recorded and analyzed in the Magic Kegel App. Bit farewell to traditional Kegel Balls; the portable Kegel Coach allows dicreet exercises whenever you desire. Budget-friendly and user-friendly, Kegel Coach is perfect for at-home use. The Magci Kegel App empowers you to effortlessly monitor training frequency, muscle strength, and endurance. Experience relief from stress urinary incontinence while enhancing overall fitness, all on your terms. Easy to adapt, our entry-level Kegel Coach is designed for your comfort and confidence.

Kegel Coach - Your Ideal Assistant!

Precision Sensors: The Kegel Coach features cutting-edge built-in sensors for precise tracking of your pelvic floor muscle pressure, ensuring effective exercises.

 Real-time Coaching: Enjoy real-time voice guidance during 10-15 minute workout sessions for confident and flawless Kegel exercises.

 Effortless Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress seamlessly through Magic Kegel App, eliminating the need for traditional Kegel balls.

 Budget-Friendly Home Fitness: Achieve pelvic wellness without breaking the bank. The Kegel Coach is affordable and designed for convenient home use.

 Comprehensive App Features: Explore Kegel Training, Course Overview, Warm-Up Exercises, Data Analysis, Medals, Fun elements, and Period Date tracking, all within the app.

Key Features

•Find the Right Muscles - "Quick Guide" in the app for easy location.

•Real-time Guidance - Biofeedback ensures effective training.

•Visualize Results - Fun way to track progress.

•Various Training Lessons - Tailored programs for different needs.

•Have Fun and Relax Vibration - Enjoyable training experience with relaxation vibration feature.

•Optional Anchor - Enhanced comfort during exercises.

•Power Saving - Auto turn-off after 5 mins of disconnection.

•Easy to Carry - Compact and portable design.

•Magnetic USB Charging - Convenient charging solution.

•Waterproof and Body-Safe - Worry-free hygiene and safety.


•Type of device:Kegel Trainer

•Finishing Touch:Silky and Soft Sensation

•Materials Used:Body-Safe Silicone, ABS

•Water Resistance:IPX6 Waterproof

•Battery Life:90mins Charging Time for 150mins Uninterrupted Use

•Charging Type:Magnetic USB Charger

•Controlled Remotely: Magic Kegel App

 •Size:1.2x2.3(7.5)in / 30x58(190)mm

 •Weight: 1.3 oz/36g



•Kegel Coach x1

•User Guide x1

•Storage Bag x1

•Anchor x1

•Magnetic DC Cable x1

APP feature and download

Track frequency, strength, and endurance for better pelvic health and fitness.

 Enjoy Kegel Training, Course Overview, Warm Up Exercise, Data Analysis, Medals, and Fun features.

 Track your Period Date for enhanced awareness.

 Download at

 Elevate your Kegel training with personalized and engaging experiences.

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kegel vibrator

Interactive Kegel Trainner - Kegel Coach

Meet Kegel Coach, your personal smart Kegel trainer designed specifically for beginners. Equipped with patented sensors, it meticulously records and tracks your pelvic floor muscle movements during training sessions, providing comprehensive insights to enhance your exercise routine.

kegel training

What is a Kegel Trainer?

A Kegel Trainer, such as our Kegel Coach, is a specialized device designed to assist individuals in performing Kegel exercises effectively and with precision. These exercises are aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which play a crucial role in urinary and reproductive health.

kegel vibrator for beginners and advanced

Embark on your pelvic floor fitness journey with our Kegel devices. Both offer a free workout app with a virtual voice coach for convenient in-home exercises.
Kegel Coach:
Tailored for beginners with an extensive touch-sensitive area, ideal for comfortable and gradual progression.
Kegel Master Gen2:
Designed for experienced users, it features advanced technology with a circular touch-sensitive area, providing precise force control for intensified pelvic floor exercises.
Discover the perfect fit for your fitness goals and experience the transformative benefits of pelvic floor exercises.

How does Kegel Trainer work?

The Kegel Coach operates on the principles of biofeedback, providing real-time guidance and feedback during your pelvic floor exercises. Equipped with patented sensors, the device accurately records and tracks the movement of your pelvic floor muscles as you perform Kegel exercises.

 The Kegel Trainer is equipped with sensors that detect muscle contractions in the pelvic floor area. These sensors monitor muscle movement during exercise. Sensors provide real-time feedback on the strength and duration of muscle contractions. This feedback helps the individual understand whether the muscles are being activated correctly and guides them in adjusting their technique if needed.

 Many Kegel Trainer Devices come with dedicated apps or programs that provide guided exercise routes. These routes typically include workouts of varying difficulty and duration. The kegel trainer app guides individuals through exercises and allows them to monitor improvements over time. The frequency and intensity of exercise, as well as improvements in muscle strength, can be recorded, indicating when to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

 Depending on the model and application, individuals may be able to tailor their exercise program to their specific needs and goals. This can include exercises that target specific muscle groups, modifying exercise intensity, or undertaking specialized programs such as postpartum rehab or advanced training.

 Kegel trainers act as virtual coaches, providing guidance, feedback, and structure to ensure individuals can perform Kegel exercises correctly and effectively. This technology-driven approach is designed to make pelvic floor exercises more effective and accessible for users seeking to improve their pelvic floor health.

Tips for Using Kegel Coach Safely

*Familiarize yourself with the user manual and manufacturer guidelines to understand proper usage and maintenance.

*Always follow the recommended exercise durations and intensity levels provided by the Kegel Coach and Magic Kegel App.

*Start with lower intensity levels if you are new to Kegel exercises and gradually increase them as your pelvic floor muscles strengthen.

*If you experience any discomfort or pain during exercises, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

*Clean with warm water and soap before and after each use. Ensure thorough rinsing and store only when the product is dry.

What’s Difference Compared with other Kegel Trainer

For those looking to enhance pelvic floor health, Kegel Coach is a transformative solution. Helping over 500,000 users improve pelvic floor health since 2014. Its track record and customer testimonials emphasize its effectiveness.

Magic Motion Kegel Coach is an Interactive Kegel Trainer for beginner, backed by US patent (US No. 11,207,562 B2 and USD898912S1). Designed with everyday consumers in mind, it helps you achieve correct and effective training at home. Experience the transformation by using it 1-3 times a day, for 5-15 minutes each session. For those who cannot find the correct position of the pelvic floor muscles, use incorrect force or do not insist on training, etc. Through patented sensor technology, combined with the Kegel training APP course Magic Kegel summarized in the past few years, Kegel Coach can evaluate the user's pelvic floor muscle training effect and motivate users to keep training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kegel Coach suitable for everyone?

 For those suffering from urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended. For those seeking to enhance their intimate well-being.

Can I adjust the intensity of the exercises?

Of course. The Kegel Coach allows you to adjust the exercise intensity to match your comfort level and progress.

How often should I use Kegel Coach?

 Consistency matters more than frequency. Start with what's comfortable and gradually increase as your muscles adapt.

Can I use the Kegel Coach with the optional anchor accessory?

Yes, but follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully for safe usage.

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