Unveil the enchantment of Magic Flamingo, expertly syncing with music, voice, games, or your movements. Perfect for both solo and shared experiences, wherever you are. Discover personalized magic tailored just for you.



Sensation Synced

Xone transforms video movements into genuine sensations with auto-pilot syncing, offering a seamless experience for long-distance connections. Dive into effortless pleasure and feel the sync.


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    Take Control and Explore Boundless Delights with the Magic Motion App and Sensational Wearable Vibrators!

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    Elevate Your Well-being and Embrace Your Inner Confidence with our Cutting-edge Solutions for Pelvic Floor Health and Overall Vitality!

Why Choose Us

  • High-Quality Product

    At Magic Motion, quality and durability are our top priorities. Our products exceed expectations and last for the long haul.

  • Responsive Customer Support

    We stand by our customers every step of the way, offering exceptional support and service.

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    Our product boasts cutting-edge, innovative features that set it apart from the competition, giving you the best-in-class experience.

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     Your privacy and security matter to us. We prioritize safe shipping to protect your personal information and ensure a worry-free delivery process.

Buy High Quality Sex Toys with Fast Delivery - Magic Motion

Based in the USA, Magic Motion is a leading store dedicated to sexual technology products. As a premium sex tech company, we've innovated a line of sexual health products and vibrators operated by smart applications. Notably, our accclaimed Magic Flamingo, Kegel Trainer Series, and Video Sync Masturbator have solidified a significant presence within the sex toys industry, all proudly bearing the Magic Motion brand.

Magic Motion is for Everyone

We do not only create innovative Magic Motion toys but also provides extensive user manuals and tutorials for our vast user base. Unlike regular adult toys, Magic Motion toys integrate smart technology with sex toys, offering ultimate pleasure for individuals, couples, long-distance relationships, and the LGBTQ+ community. If you're a first-time buyer of the Magic Flamingo on, you'll enjoy free access to download the Magic Motion APP. Even if you're a novice in the world of adult toys, our video tutorials will guide you on how to use them correctly, making it intelligent, easy, and lifelike. Long-distance couples can now experience the full process of love and intimacy together.

The Ideal Choice for Long Distance Interactive Sex - Magic Motion

Magic Motion helps long-distance couples establish sexual connections, allowing partners to feel each other's presence from anywhere in the world. Men can maximize their sexual experience by synchronizing adult content with our silky and realistic Xone Stroker and Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo. Women can bask in waves of pleasure with our female sex toy, the Magic Flamingo. From touch-sensitive clitoral stimulators and bi-directional remote vibrators to interactive anal plug, Magic Equinox, and even our Kegel Master Gen2, everyone can achieve immense satisfaction.

Best Sex Toys with Video Sync - Magic Motion

Magic Motion employs cutting-edge technology to develop sex toys and APPs suitable for everyone, emphasizing body health while exploring human sexual climax. We use the safest and most environmentally friendly materials in production and provide the most hygienic cleaning guides, ensuring we offer you the best service. Continuously innovating, Magic Motion collaborates with SyncMo to introduce the Magic Motion version, enabling our customers to fully immerse themselves in any recorded or live videos.

Safe and Authentic Products

At, we believe the exploration of sexuality knows no bounds, and your best experience is always taken to the Next Level. Magic Motion helps strengthen relationships and brings you the world's finest adult toys, guaranteeing that all sex toys sold in our store are safe and authentic.

100% Discreet Packaging

We prioritize discretion in packaging your products. Each item is first wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in an opaque plastic bag. There will be no information related to the product or store on the shipping label. Your order will be discreetly packed, and no one, including our delivery service, will know its contents.

Sexual Safety and Security

We take sexual safety and security seriously at Magic Motion. Our products are designed with user safety in mind, and we encourage open communication about consent, boundaries, and safe practices. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all our customers, regardless of their sexual preferences or relationship status.

In addition to offering high-quality and authentic products, we also prioritize privacy and discreet packaging to ensure that your shopping experience with us is comfortable and confidential. Our goal is to promote sexual well-being and pleasure while fostering a safe and inclusive environment for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to order from Magic Motion?

You must be at least 18 years of age to order from Magic Motion USA. We will never knowingly ship an order to any persons under 18.

Do you ship internationally?

From August 2023,Magic Motion USA can ship internationally. Please check the countries or regions we can ship to.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Your privacy is paramount, and we’ve taken the following measures to ensure.

There are no Magic Motion markings on the back or side of your package. The only information visible is your name, shipping address and the shipping courier.

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