How do beginners adjust to anal sex for the first time?

How do beginners adjust to anal sex for the first time?

How can you have fun playing it for the first time without making your anus tighten? The first few times you may feel uncomfortable and feel like you have to have a bowel movement, but after a few times you will be able to tell the difference.

You must first overcome the negative ideas about chrysanthemums that have been instilled in you since childhood, and be prepared to find out with your own hands. First, clean the anus and deeper parts with soapy water or bath liquid. You can also use a simple instrument to perform an enema first. Then smear your fingers with lubricant and slowly enter the anus. When you feel more relaxed, apply more lubricant so that your fingers can be squeezed deeper. At this time, you will feel the strong strength of the sphincter. You can try to tighten it, and relax and tighten it again several times to improve its elasticity.

Once the finger penetrates deep into the sphincter, it enters the wider rectum. Little by little, move your fingers deeper, deeper, deeper, and deeper again. After several rounds of practice, increase the number to two fingers. If your back is able to adapt, you can try it with a small instrument. Of course, you can also use your other hand to insert two fingers into your anus while masturbating, and expand and contract regularly with the rhythm of masturbation.

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Preparation before making love

When you take a shower, prepare yourself first and make sure your nails are trimmed. Then you must perform a purification ritual before going to bed. After washing it thoroughly, you might as well use your fingers to help relax it and get used to the feeling of being penetrated later, and then it’s time to start the real thing.

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Relax and Enjoy

If you have a boyfriend and it's your first time, it's best to take the upper hand. Let the other person lie on his back, and you sit on his big bird facing him. This position makes it easy to control the speed of thrusting, so as to prevent the other person's attack from being too fierce and destroying your bowels. If your partner's penis is too big, you can pull it out and rest for a while before starting again. Remember to relax completely and allow your partner to enter gently, without trying to push in with brute force.

Try not to tighten. You can't help but tighten when being penetrated. This is a natural reaction. You must concentrate on fighting this instinct. There's no need to rush to push the other person out, just relax. As the other person moves up and down slowly and repeatedly, your body will slowly adapt.

You can also lie on your sides on the bed and let him poke you slowly, gently and continuously, using your voice to guide his movements. Try changing your position to find the most comfortable angle, which is where your prostate will be poked and you will feel numb. . The first few times you may feel uncomfortable and feel like you have to have a bowel movement, but after a few times you will be able to tell the difference.

Take your time when the other person enters. Don't accommodate the entire length at once. Don't let the other person hit you violently at the beginning. Let yourself get used to the feeling first, and slowly feel comfortable and have a pleasant pleasure before letting him hit you. Faster and deeper.

Sincere communication

Speak out your feelings honestly and fully communicate with your partner. Tell him honestly where it feels comfortable, where it hurts, when to go faster, when to go slower, or when to change positions. Especially when you are a zero for the first time, make sure that you are leading the whole process. Everyone's comfort zone is different, and your partner will never know where you are comfortable, So be sure to communicate well and speak out your needs and desires boldly.

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