Complete Guide to Wear a butt plug in public

Complete Guide to Wear a butt plug in public

Some people incorporate the use of butt plugs into their daily routine and even wear them in public. While for some this may just be a matter of personal Anal Pleasure, others may use it for anal training purposes, especially in anticipation of sexual activity.

There are many ways to wear a butt plug, including going to the gym, biking, and socializing. They find this fun and believe it helps prepare them for future anal penetration. Here are some insights gleaned from their experiences:

Butt plugs may not be the most effective way to prepare larger objects for penetration. While wearing a butt plug can help stretch the anus, it does not replicate the in-and-out motion of insertion. A proper anal training kit, including repeated insertion and removal of progressively larger objects, is recommended for better preparation.

How to wear Butt Plug

Lubrication is necessary when inserting the butt plug and it is recommended to carry a small bottle of lube so that it can be reapplied if needed. For comfort and safety, it is usually recommended to use a silicone butt plug, paired with a thick water-based lubricant or a lubricant mix.

Despite initial concerns, butt plugs usually stay securely in place during wear. Choosing a butt plug like the Magic Equinox that has a tapered, teardrop shape and a flared base is perfect for helping prevent slipping. Additionally, the sensation of a butt plug falling off is often exaggerated due to the unfamiliar sensation of a foreign object in the rectum.

For public use, you will need a teardrop-shaped butt plug. It should start small, gradually widen, and then narrow again as it reaches its expanded base. Butt plugs are discreet and generally go unnoticed by others, especially when wearing appropriate clothing. Loose pants or skirts that fully cover your buttocks can help provide privacy.

When wearing a butt plug, it is important to gradually build up tolerance as it takes time for the muscles to adapt. Starting with a shorter duration and gradually increasing the time you wear it can help prevent discomfort and soreness. Additionally, prolonged wear may make it difficult to discern when a bowel movement is needed, potentially leading to a confusing situation.

For those who choose to incorporate butt plugs into their daily lives, try wearing them for an hour at home while doing chores and gradually increasing to your desired duration. Wearing butt plugs in public can be a pleasure. experience.

Select Butt Plug

First of all, you need a safe and hygienic Butt Plug. Magic Motion has two butt plugs, one is the Magic Equinox with a suction cup, and the other is the relatively cute and fun Magic Bunny. Of course, if you have a better choice, please recommend it. The most important thing is that the one that suits you is the best.

Magic Motion mainly produces App-controlled Sex Toys. The design of Angel Pleasure also pays great attention to user experience. When users buy Butt Plug, if you are still a novice, then Magic Equinox is very suitable for you because it comes with Suction- Cup, it is convenient for you to insert, and the Magic Motion App controls its vibration and adjusts it according to your own feelings, which is very enjoyable.

If you pay more attention to interaction with your partner, then Magic Bunny is perfect. Because it has a fluffy tail, in addition to having the most basic functions of a Butt Plug, its cuteness is one of its highlights. Wearing it, you will be like a charming rabbit to make people fall in love and increase your partner's heartbeat towards you. .

Buy Butt Plug at Magic Motion

The App-controlled Butt Plug sold by Magic Motion is the most popular among users, especially long-distance couples. Through video interaction through Magic Motion App or SyncMo App, they can simultaneously feel the climax moment of their partner even though they are thousands of miles away. Almost no one can say no to Magic Motion Toys.

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