Sex Toy Product Trends in API 2024

Sex Toy Product Trends in API 2024


The feature report delves into the latest trends and innovations observed at the APIEXPO Shanghai, held from April 19th to 21st, 2024. This significant event for cross-border e-commerce professionals in the adult pleasure product industry highlighted emerging trends through increased exhibitor participation and interactive elements. The report offers insights into product homogenization, behaviors of cross-border sellers, and burgeoning trends such as technology integration in pleasure products, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving market dynamics.

Editor's Words:

This report is essential reading for stakeholders in the adult pleasure product industry. It provides a clear picture of market shifts and emerging consumer preferences in China, vital for adapting business strategies in the rapidly evolving sector. The focus on e-commerce trends is particularly useful for sellers looking to expand their reach and understand international market demands. However, it's important to note that this report serves as a reference and should not be taken as our endorsement of the views expressed within. It is merely a resource for those interested in the topic.


"Yuguo Teams Up with Sellers at the Pleasure Product Expo, Insight into 9 Major New Overseas Product Selection Trends" Original by Category Export Guide Published on April 21, 2024, in Shanghai

Event Overview:

From April 19th to 21st, Yuguo Cross-Border organized professional pleasure product sellers to attend the APIEXPO Shanghai Pleasure Product Expo. The event facilitated one-on-one interactions between sellers and high-quality pleasure product manufacturers and brands, and organized dinners for cross-border sellers to discuss emerging trends in the industry's global expansion.

Three Major Changes at the 2024 Shanghai Pleasure Expo:

Trend 1: Increase in exhibitors and individual attendees, with interactive games sparking significant interest

The number of exhibitors has increased from over 250 last year to more than 400 this year. According to feedback from multiple exhibitors who have attended the Shanghai Pleasure Expo multiple times, there was a significant increase in individual attendees this year, with many dressed in distinctive costumes, embodying characters from anime like Inuyasha and Demon Slayer, making them highly noticeable. To cater to the younger demographic, exhibitors introduced interactive games like "Speed Challenge" and "SM Binding Experience," which became popular photo spots. Outside the venue, many spectators who could not get tickets remained engaged, highlighting the event's high demand.

Trend 2: Homogenization of pleasure toys, with crossover new brands becoming highlights of the expo

The innovation pace in the pleasure toy industry is relatively slow due to factory-based thinking. However, the entry of crossover new brands has brought fresh perspectives, such as integrating design elements from beauty, maternal and child, and trendy toy products into the development of pleasure toys. The third floor, packed with trendy brands, attracted many spectators.

Trend 3: Pleasure categories going global, with cross-border sellers expressing significant purchasing demands

The shopping trip organized by Yuguo attracted over 600+ professional cross-border pleasure product sellers for deep online and offline interactions. Yuguo facilitated supply chain needs for sellers and engaged in-depth discussions with onsite brands, suppliers, bloggers, and overseas purchasers.

The number of registrants for the "Yuguo Dongguan Pleasure Toy Industry Belt Factory Tour," "Yuguo Lianyungang Guanyun Pleasure Underwear Industry Belt Factory Tour," and the "Yuguo CCEE Cross-Border Expo Pleasure Category Seminar" exceeded 1000+ for Q2.

Nine Major Trends in Pleasure Category Expansion Overseas:

Trend 1: The rise of the male market, with low-cost male masturbators upgrading in material and tactile sensation

Examples include male masturbators, where low-cost silicone sex toys remain the preferred choice for male consumers. However, with the awakening of male self-awareness and demands for higher orgasmic quality, a variety of male-oriented pleasure toys are upgrading in terms of materials and sensations, adding functions like hand-rubbing, heating, and sucking. Visually, there has been a shift from traditional organ-centric designs to those emphasizing technology and ergonomics, with handle-shaped male masturbators potentially becoming the biggest hit of 2024.

Trend 2: Portable, quiet suction toys becoming the gateway choice for young women

Portable and quiet suction toys with a refreshing appearance have become the entry-level pleasure toys for women exploring new realms. These products adopt a "de-eroticized" design philosophy, incorporating natural elements like birds, whales, and flamingos, making them appear more like ordinary decorative objects. This design approach helps students and co-living workers overcome sexual shame, adding an artistic and aesthetically pleasing element to the product.

Trend 3: Homogenization in female insertable toys, slow innovation

The industry suffers from severe copying, with most products having similar appearances and functions. Factories and brands capable of innovation hesitate to showcase their top new products at expos.

Trend 4: High demand for latex clothing overseas, with customization shifting towards standardization

While latex clothing culture is relatively niche in China, it has a robust demand overseas. Interviewed exhibitors believe that achieving excellence in the latex clothing track requires full customization. However, the high communication and transaction time costs associated with customized latex clothing production also mean longer production cycles. Latex clothing sellers need to find a balance between customization and standardization. Producing a large number of standardized templates early in the process can help consumers quickly find the right fit, reducing communication costs and time.

Trend 5: Material and touch upgrades in pleasure dolls, technological innovations enhance lifelike sensations

The materials and facial details of pleasure dolls have undergone comprehensive upgrades, such as softer treatments in specific areas, skin with veins and textures, and rich details enhancing the dolls' sophistication and realism. Consumer demand in Europe and America leans towards more primitive, wild pleasures, while Japanese and Korean markets value delicate appearances, emphasizing makeup durability, oil resistance, and soft touch. Innovation in functions includes the integration of suction and heating capabilities, and the inclusion of a built-in male masturbator in the lower body, setting new trends for pleasure dolls.

Trend 6: Surging overseas demand for LGBTQ+ pleasure toys

The demand for pleasure products among sexual minorities, including bisexual, homosexual, and transgender individuals, has skyrocketed. Prostate massagers and insertable adult products (such as anal plugs, inflatable dolls for homosexuals, and wearable penises) have become mainstream choices.

Trend 7: AI and app-based interactive toys enter the market, unlocking new pleasure methodologies

Integrating AI and remote control capabilities, smart pleasure toys have continued to be popular since the pandemic. Couples can tease each other online, achieving sexual pleasure remotely. In the coming years, virtual reality, augmented reality, and immersive entertainment could revolutionize the existing pleasure toy market, injecting new vitality into the international expansion of pleasure products.

(Magic Motion toys)

Trend 8: Diverse scenes and bold consumer groups characterize the overseas SM product market

SM-related pleasure products have been hot export items recently, with sets including blindfolds, handcuffs, collars, paddles, whips, nipple clamps, and ropes being particularly popular. The widespread adoption of BDSM in Western markets has driven demand for customized products that are not only durable and practical but also enhance personal sexual experiences. While the domestic capacity to fulfill these personalized orders is limited, the overseas SM product market has already segmented into numerous personalized product scenes, meeting the diverse needs of different groups. However, domestic products still have significant room for improvement in meeting specific scene and demographic needs.

Trend 9: Low-temperature candles gain widespread attention among cross-border sellers

During Yuguo's live tour of the expo, a significant number of professional pleasure product sellers expressed strong interest in low-temperature candles. Recently hot-selling overseas, low-temperature candles serve as aphrodisiac tools, enhancing sexual pleasure during blindfolded and wax-play interactions. They represent a relatively niche track in pleasure product development.



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