Magic Motion Review | Magic Umi

Magic Motion Review | Magic Umi

Magic Umi is a Dual Motor Orgasm Clock Vibrator. It's not just your ordinary vibrator, it's also an alarm clock vibrator that connects to an app for remote control. This multifunctional, compact, and portable device is perfect for long-distance couples. If you fancy having your partner wake you up in a unique way, Magic Umi is the way to go.

Judging from user reviews, Magic Umi offers an incredibly intuitive experience. Who wouldn't want to start their day with delightful sensations during the most energetic mornings? Let's take a look at what users are saying about Magic Umi and Magic Motion, providing valuable insights for those considering purchasing these innovative sex toys.

Therese M on Dec 03, 2023
Brilliant. I have many plugs and vibrators and this one is by far the best. I felt the vibration in my eyeballs, and I'm sure they heard me down the street. Thank you Magic Motion for the toy and the terrific nights sleep.

Very high quality toys.
Vadim on Aug 18, 2023
Very high quality toys that make many things possible) Also I had a bit of an issue and Support Team responded to my problem very quickly. Thank you!

Magic Motion really rubs my funny bone hehe
David on Nov 22, 2023
Their toys are amazing🤤 can’t get enough of them!

Fun for long distance
Renee on Feb 03, 2023
I got this for me and my partner who are long distance to have more fun during our "play time"... he has so much fun teasing me, ive never uh - c-me like that in my life.. just makes me want to see him more. We ordered one for him so we can have fun together Magic Umi
only con: out of the many times my partner and i have used it, it has only disconnected a hand full of times but i feel like its my fault because my phone would go idle or i would have the Magic Motion at a weird angle. Never had issues with reconnecting right away.

Great response time, best product
Mr_Valdor on Feb 17, 2023
Great response time, and extremely informative of what I could do to remedy my situation, that was purely based on me (newb user error). The product is gold, and in 24 hours, was able to make enough to buy another toy, and a nice dinner. 😆
Can’t wait for more. So good!

So far so good
Cityblazein on Jan 15, 2023
So far so good, my girlfriend and I have a long distance relationship and the toys have been helpful. One toy was having a connection issue but customer service was very helpful and are replacing with a new one, actually we took the opportunity to upgrade and had no issues doing so. We are still building our arsenal and look forward to seeing new products to enjoy.

My new favorite things…
Jen on Feb 03, 2023
I ordered 3 toys at the same time from us.magicmotion,shop. They arrived much more quickly than expected. My partner and I have only played with 2 so far — the Flamingo and the Magic Umi, but OMG.
I was single for 5 years and bought a lot of high-end sex toys, but one night with these two and they have become the leaders of the pack, so to speak. These are true partner toys (though I’ve not yet played with them solo), and my partner had so much fun pleasing me without even touching me. Literally 45 minutes of nonstop orgasms. What a wild experience, and we are looking forward to many more adventures with them.
A+ to these toys and Magic Motion. Thank you!

A blissfully powerful toy!
Hanna H. on Jan 11, 2023
In order to land and buy this really “magic” wand from Magic Motion, I’ve researched a bit. I got into as many cross referenced articles as I could.
Magic Umi is something really precious!
First of all, I felt taken cared of by the company for making it so smooth but so sturdy.
Second of all, the fact that you can play with the pattern of vibrations is such a turn on and an endless play!
And thirdly.. OH MY GLOBE, what orgasms I had with the help of this device! OMG! so good, so strong, so far-out.. I never knew I could feel three immensely powerful orgasms, one after the other, and that happened (not only because of, but) most of all because of this toy.
I cannot recommend any toy in this category more that this one!

I can hardly stop myself enough to…
Iris on Aug 12, 2023
I can hardly stop myself enough to write this review. In fact I haven’t stopped. Good god it you can afford this and you’ve even been curious just go for it. I can hardly breathe right now. And it’s so quiet. My ac unit is louder. It’s been hours. This is a marvel of innovation.

This versatile toy can simultaneously or individually stimulate the clitoris and G-spot, making it perfect for long-distance relationships, adding excitement and intimacy. Made from silicone/ABS, it boasts an IPX6 waterproof rating and charges conveniently with a magnetic USB. Magic Umi is a product of Magic Motion's independent research, production, and strict quality control. Its outstanding features make it stand out in the expanding market, receiving widespread praise. For more information, stay tuned!