7 Sexual Tips to Ignite Passion in Your Partner

7 Sexual Tips to Ignite Passion in Your Partner

In most cases, achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse is a result of active participation by women. Throughout the sexual encounter, women consciously position a specific part of their highly sensitive clitoris in the center of physical contact with the man's body, typically bringing it into contact with the male genitalia. Essentially, this clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse can be seen as a form of self-stimulation for women.

Sexual Tips

Friction and Rubbing of the Pubic Area and Genitalia

This method, similar to the woman-on-top position, can be applied in various sexual positions. The technique involves complete penetration with only a small portion of the penis inside the vagina, or inserting the entire penis without thrusting and instead rotating the body in a circular motion. This way, the genitals of both the man and woman closely touch and rub against each other, providing a highly pleasurable stimulation, especially to a woman's labia and vaginal entrance.

During sex, both the man and woman's pubic areas touch

The man's pubic bone presses firmly against the woman's clitoris with each thrust of the penis. In most cases, it's the man who initiates the movement. The most commonly used position for this technique is the man-on-top position, but it can also be adapted for side-by-side or sitting positions. The positioning of the woman's legs can vary, with options like spreading her thighs, bending them upwards, or extending them towards the sky. The key is to ensure that the penis's thrusting provides sufficient clitoral stimulation without causing discomfort, and the woman should have freedom to move her body as well.

In 'Mutual Pubic Friction,' women prefer the following

- Slow, gentle, sensitive, and powerful movements. It's not about continuous forceful thrusting. It involves a slow and gentle insertion with slight pressure at the point of penetration. In general, only women who have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse prefer more vigorous stimulation.

In 'Squeezing and Rubbing' stimulation, women favor the following

- Gentle, deep penetration with minimal or no thrusting, just lying still with the penis deeply inserted in the vagina. However, women need continuous stimulation to reach orgasm, which is contrary to the male need for moderate, intermittent stimulation. It is crucial to maintain a steady rhythm of movement at all times, even in the shortest moments.

Women taking an active role in sexual positions

The woman-on-top position is often the most effective method, providing women with the freedom to move as they seek self-pleasure. In this position, women can adjust the depth of penis penetration to bring their clitoris into contact with the man's pubic bone.

Additional methods include having the woman's lower abdomen pressed against the bed during intercourse. In this position, the woman lies face down on the bed, and the man enters her from behind. This allows the woman to rub herself against the bed and sheets as she pleases, while the man adds to her enjoyment from above.

Keeping the penis inside the vagina without thrusting

The head of the penis rests just inside the labia, and the base of the penis is pushed upwards towards the clitoris, almost covering the vaginal entrance. However, it's important to note that what feels good for women may not necessarily feel good for men. This position involves shallow penetration, and sometimes, each thrust may fully exit the vaginal opening, which leads to continual stretching and stimulation of the vaginal entrance and labia.

Receiving adequate clitoral stimulation or alternative forms of stimulation before the penis is inserted:

Foreplay is essential, especially for women, as they receive very little stimulation during sexual intercourse. Most women don't engage in foreplay during masturbation. Men should pay special attention to this. Only in this way will you bring your sexual partner to a satisfying climax, and you will experience moments of sheer ecstasy.

Long-Distance Intimacy

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