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Magic Motion



Interactive Stroker Synced to Any Video

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Xone Interactive Stroker - Magic Motion Stroker!

The Xone Interactive Stroker is an Electric Male Masturbator designed to provide a lifelike experience through the use of Video Sync technology. With the SyncMo app, you can physically feel the movements of any content you're watching, whether it's recorded or live-streamed. This revolutionary product automatically synchronizes with the sexual actions depicted in the content you're viewing.

Xone offers you the ultimate sexual experience – a groundbreaking Interactive Stroker that turns your fantasies into reality. Xone features 10 customizable motion modes and a soft, realistic sleeve that delivers an incredibly lifelike encounter. But it doesn't stop there! Pair your Xone with the SyncMo or Whats Sense application for an immersive synchronized adventure that truly puts you in the moment.

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Free APP for boundless pleasure

Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a world of endless possibilities. With Xone, you'll enjoy unlimited content without any additional costs or subscriptions. Explore a treasure trove of tantalizing videos and captivating experiences that will keep you coming back for more.


Unparalleled Immersion

Brace yourself for mind-blowing pleasure as Xone's real-time synchronization seamlessly connects the on-screen action with your physical sensations. Get ready to be fully immersed in an electrifying experience that will leave you breathless.


Effortless Setup

We believe in making pleasure accessible and effortless. With just three simple steps – download, install, and connect – you'll be on your way to instant gratification. Xone's user-friendly setup ensures you can focus on indulging in pleasure without any hassle.

Xone: Enhancing Pleasure with Three Operation Modes


Manual Mode:Experience personalized pleasure with Xone's Manual Mode. Customize the up-and-down motion among 10 different patterns, while the soft and stretchy sleeve replicates the feel of a real vagina. Enjoy mind-blowing pleasure with the one-touch orgasm button (S button) anytime, anywhere. Xone's Manual Mode invites you to indulge in a lifelike and tailored sensory experience.

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Video Sync Mode:
Immerse yourself in synchronized pleasure with Xone's Video Sync Mode, powered by the SyncMo App. Detecting human movement in any video, the app operates your Xone in perfect sync with the action in real-time. Enjoy online videos, offline recordings, or engage in video calls with platforms like Skype, Discord, or Telegram. Xone's Video Sync Mode enhances your sensory experience, transforming your fantasies into captivating reality.



APP Control Mode for LDR:
For long-distance relationships (LDR), Xone offers the APP Control Mode. Connect your Xone to the Whats Sense App, providing unlimited patterns and speeds for personalized control. Sync your Xone with your partner's device, transcending physical boundaries and heightening intimacy. Explore pleasure together, no matter the distance. With the SyncMo and Whats Sense Apps available for free, Xone ensures a delightful and connected experience.


Features and Specifications

Charging Type: USB Charger

Operating Time: 60mins

Materials Used: ABS, TPE

Size: 272(L)X90(W)X96mm(H)/11x3.5x3.8inch

Weight: 735g / 26 oz

Manual Mode:10 built-in patterns

Video Sync Mode: SyncMo APP sync with any video or live stream

APP control mode: controlled by Whats Sense app remotely

Inside the box

  • Xone interactive stroker x1
  • User Guide x1
  • Activation Key Card x1
  • Micro USB Cable x1

About Xone Video Sync

Xone integrates the SyncMo App, which utilizes patent-pending technology to create a seamless connection between your Xone and any on-screen action. This feature synchronizes the movements of your Xone to match the sexual movements in the content, whether you're watching online videos, offline recordings, or engaging in video calls such as Skype, Discord, or Telegram. This innovative feature enhances your sensory experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in a new level of pleasure and enjoyment, even during interactive video calls.

Experience the thrill of synchronization and let the SyncMo app take control of your Xone. Explore a vast range of content, both online and offline, and feel the pleasure in real-time as your toys respond to the sexual movements on screen. Get ready to discover a whole new world of sensual entertainment and indulge in the ultimate pleasure with Xone.

SyncMo App is available for free for Xone users, so you can explore all the exciting features without any extra costs.

By downloading the SyncMo browser, you can access the SyncMo App and unlock all the exciting features that Xone has to offer. SyncMo celebrates diversity and inclusivity, providing a platform for users to explore their sexuality without discrimination.

About the Video-Sync App (Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo):
★Free download and no additional subscription fee at
★Works on MacOS Monterey 12.3 and above or Windows 10 & 11 and above
★The App detects human movement in any video and operates your Xone connected device in-sync with the action in real-time
★Also works with local video content via the built-in video player

With Xone and the SyncMo App or Whats Sense App, you can enjoy a realistic and immersive experience that synchronizes with your favorite video content, recordings, and even during video calls with your partner. Explore the possibilities and indulge in pleasure with this interactive stroker.

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