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Magic Motion

Magic Eidolon

Magic Eidolon

Vibrator with Dual Stimulation

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Unleash the Power of Magic Eidolon

ūüĒ•Discover Magic Eidolon: Your Wearable Vibrator with App-Controlled Bliss and Video Sync!

Dual Stimulation Mastery: Unleash intense pleasure with dual motors, 10 vibration patterns, and limitless app-controlled delight!

Seamless Remote Control: Take charge via our powerful app for solo or partner play, even from a distance.

Video Sync Euphoria: Elevate intimacy with vibrations synced to ANY video or live stream.

✨ Redefine Pleasure & Connectivity. Get Magic Eidolon now for a world of satisfaction!✨


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Experience the Sensational Pleasure of Magic Eidolon - Your Ultimate Smart Vibrator!

Indulge in the delightful combination of gentle and pleasurable vaginal stimulation with our ergonomic and skin-friendly Magic Eidolon. This innovative smart vibrator boasts two independent motors, delivering intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation for a personalized pleasure experience.

Seize full control of your pleasure with our free Magic Motion app. Connect the vibrator to your smartphone via Bluetooth and let it respond to ambient sounds, perfectly syncing with your desired rhythm to stimulate the clitoris. Want to spice things up? Hand over control to your partner, allowing them to remotely access preset vibration modes with a simple tilt of their smartphone.

Unleash Unparalleled Pleasure with the Magic Motion App: Take the reins of pleasure and intimacy by downloading the Magic Motion app on your iPhone, Android device, or tablet. Enjoy effortless control from any distance, unlocking pleasure no matter where you are. With music control, Chat Control, Voice Control, and now supporting video sync with ANY video or live stream, the app creates limitless possibilities for intimate connections, even when physically apart.

Sync with ANY Video or Live Stream with our Exclusive Video-Sync App (Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo). Brace yourself for an immersive experience like never before!

Rest assured with USB charging and IPX6 waterproofing, making your pleasure worry-free and versatile.

Embark on a journey of unique sensations and intimate exploration. Order your Magic Eidolon now and unlock the endless pleasure it brings!

Features and Benefits

Dual Stimulation Motors: Experience intense pleasure with G-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously, enhancing your pleasure like never before.

Smartphone App Control: Take control of your pleasure with the free Magic Motion app, enabling effortless customization and remote control for tailored experiences.

Ambient Sound Sync: Enjoy synchronized vibrations with ambient sounds, immersing yourself in the rhythm of pleasure and personalizing the experience to your desires.

Partner Remote Control: Hand over the reins to your partner, allowing them to remotely control preset vibration modes, fostering exciting and intimate long-distance connections.

Video Sync Capabilities: Elevate your pleasure with video sync, as Magic Eidolon responds to ANY video or live stream, turning your visual experiences into sensational sensations.

Ergonomic Design: Experience gentle and pleasurable vaginal stimulation with the ergonomic and skin-friendly design, ensuring maximum comfort during use.

Versatile Fun: With IPX6 waterproofing, indulge in versatile pleasure and exploration, even during exciting water adventures.

Long Battery Life: Enjoy uninterrupted pleasure with 70 minutes of use after just 120 minutes of charging, providing long-lasting delight.

Body-Safe Materials: Rest easy knowing Magic Eidolon is crafted with body-safe silicone and ABS materials, prioritizing your health and well-being.

Discreet and Portable: With a compact size and lightweight design, Magic Eidolon can easily accompany you wherever you go, discreetly enhancing your pleasure anytime, anywhere.


Type of Stimulator: APP-Controlled Vibrator with Dual Stimulation

Vibrators: 7 manual speeds + unlimited patterns by App control

Controlled Remotely: Magic Motion App and Whats Sense APP

Controlled Locally: Smartphone APP, Manual

Sync with ANY video or live stream: SyncMo APP

Battery Life: 120 mins of charging time for 70 mins of uninterrupted use

Charging Type: USB Charger

Materials Used: Body-Safe Silicone, ABS

Water Resistance: IPX6 Waterproof

Size: 1.2x1.2x3(3.7) inches / 30x30x76.5(94.5) mm

Weight: 2.6 oz / 75g

Inside the Box:

Eidolon x1

User Guide x1

Storage Bag x1

USB-DC Cable x1

App feature and Download

For Enhanced Pleasure and Intimate Connections, Experience the Magic Motion App & Whats Sense App!

Discover a new level of control and convenience with the Magic Motion App and Whats Sense App, both available for free download on your iPhone, Android device, or tablet.

Magic Motion App: Download here - Magic Motion App

Whats Sense App: Download here - Whats Sense App

Effortlessly control your device from a distance, no matter where you are. Our apps feature Chat Control, game Control, Voice Control, and more, all designed to enhance your pleasure and foster intimate connections even when physically apart. Experience the ultimate pleasure at your fingertips with the Magic Motion App & Whats Sense App.


Sync with ANY Video or Live Stream via SyncMo App:

 Download and have a 7-day free trial at SyncMo Magic Motion Edition

Compatible with MacOS Monterey 12.3 and above or Windows 10 & 11 and above.


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Dual Stimulation Vibrator - Magic Eidolon

If you're looking for a vibrator that provides gentle and pleasurable vaginal stimulation while delivering intense G-spot and clitoral pleasure, look no further than the Magic Eidolon. This ergonomic and skin-friendly smart vibrator was designed with your satisfaction in mind. Featuring two independent motors for personalized fun, it's the perfect choice for those looking to explore new heights of intimate fun.

Best Vibrator for Women

The best vibrator for women is very highly individual as individual preferences and needs vary. The Magic Eidolon vibrator is one of the best vibrators for women, designed for dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It offers two independent motors and can be controlled via a smartphone app, making it a versatile and customizable option.

How Does a Vibrator Work?

The Magic Eidolon Vibrator stimulates erogenous areas such as the clitoris and G-spot by using internal motors to generate vibrations. These vibrations increase blood flow and sensitivity to these areas, which increases sexual arousal and ultimately leads to more intense orgasms. Magic Eidolon goes a step further, allowing you to control and customize your experience through the Magic Motion APP.

How to Use Magic Eidolon Vibrator?

Magic Eidolon is a very user-friendly vibrator developed by Magic Motion, and it is also very easy to operate. Make sure your Magic Eidolon is clean and fully charged before use. With dual stimulation features and app control options, you can tailor your fun to your liking.

To unlock the full potential of Magic Eidolon, download the free Magic Motion app and connect the vibrator to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can choose from a variety of preset modes or create your own custom mode to suit your preferences.

The Magic Eidolon vibrator responds to ambient sounds, syncing to your desired rhythm to deliver clitoral stimulation that matches your mood or music. For a stimulating and intense experience, you can share control of Magic Eidolon with your partner, creating a unique and intimate connection.

Why Choose Magic Eidolon

Magic Eidolon is a remote control vibrator that has become the first choice for couples due to its innovative design, dual stimulation function and multi-functionality. Whether you want to enhance your solo abilities or create an intimate connection with your partner, this lush vibrator will make your experience satisfying.

Magic Eidolon provides dual stimulation, providing both G-spot and clitoral stimulation to satisfy multiple erogenous zones. With seven manual speeds and infinite modes controlled via the Magic Motion APP, whether you prefer mild or intense vibrations, Magic Eidolon offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Download the Magic Motion-compatible version of SyncMo APP to sync videos for free and share a unique immersive experience.

As a long distance vibrator, Magic Eidolon allows you to hand over control to your partner via a smartphone app. Simply tilt your smartphone to remotely control preset vibration patterns, creating an intimate connection even when you're apart.

Magic Eidolon is made of high-quality materials, waterproof design, long battery life and other hardware, which solves the concerns of 99% of users. This best vibrator meets almost all your needs and enhances your intimate experience, making it the best choice.

Tips for Using Magic Eidolon Safely

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with the Magic Eidolon vibrator, consider the following tips:

1. Clean Before and After Use: Proper hygiene is essential. Clean the Magic Eidolon with mild soap and warm water before and after each use. Make sure it's thoroughly dry before storage.

2. Use a Water-Based Lubricant: If you desire additional comfort and pleasure, consider using a water-based lubricant. Avoid silicone-based lubricants as they can damage the silicone surface of the vibrator.

3. Start with Lower Intensity: If you're new to using vibrators or the Magic Eidolon, start with lower intensity settings and gradually increase as desired. This allows you to become accustomed to the sensations.

4. Listen to Your Body: Pay close attention to your body's signals. If you experience discomfort or pain, stop using the vibrator immediately. Adjust the intensity or positioning to ensure your comfort.

5. Safe Storage: After cleaning, store the Magic Eidolon in a cool, dry place. Use the provided storage bag for discreet and hygienic storage, keeping it away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

6. Battery Care: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging and battery maintenance. Avoid overcharging, and unplug the charger when the vibrator is fully charged.

7. Avoid Submersion During Charging: While the Magic Eidolon is waterproof, it's best to avoid submerging it in water while it's connected to the charger to prevent damage to the charging port.

8. Secure Bluetooth Connection: If using the smartphone app to control the vibrator, ensure a secure Bluetooth connection to prevent unauthorized access.

9. Solo Play or Partner Play: Communicate openly with your partner if you choose to use the Magic Eidolon together. Establish boundaries and consent to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both of you.

10. Check for Any Allergies: If you have known allergies or sensitivities to certain materials, check the vibrator's materials beforehand to ensure they are safe for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Magic Eidolon vibrator suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Magic Eidolon is suitable for beginners. It offers a range of intensity levels, allowing users to start with lower settings and gradually increase the intensity as they become more comfortable and experienced.

Is the Magic Eidolon waterproof?

Yes, the Magic Eidolon has an IPX6 waterproof rating, making it safe for use in the shower or bath. Its waterproof design allows for adventurous play and easy cleaning.

How long does the Magic Eidolon vibrator last on a single charge?

The Magic Eidolon vibrator offers up to 70 minutes of uninterrupted use on a single charge. It has a convenient USB charger for easy recharging.

What materials are used in the Magic Eidolon vibrator?

The Magic Eidolon vibrator is made from body-safe silicone and ABS materials, ensuring that your intimate moments are both pleasurable and safe for your health.

Can the Magic Eidolon vibrator sync with ambient sounds or music?

Yes, the vibrator can respond to ambient sounds, including music, by syncing with your desired rhythm to provide clitoral stimulation that matches the beat. This feature adds an exciting element to your sensual experience.

Where can I download the SyncMo app for controlling the Magic Eidolon?

You can download the SyncMo app for free at

Shop Magic Eidolon at MagicMotion

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