Mastering the Alarm Clock in Magic Motion App

Mastering the Alarm Clock in Magic Motion App

Welcome to the ultimate user guide to the alarm clock feature in the Magic Motion app, designed specifically for our interactive sex toys Magic Umi and Magic Nyx. Both of them come with an alarm clock function. Wanna know more about this feature? The guide really helps!

Introducing Magic Umi and Magic Nyx

Magic Nyx is a fun and compact Alarm Clock Panty Vibrator. This small and smooth-to-use vibrator is designed for each special and normal moments, adding a few excitement to your life. Magic Nyx lightly vibrates to preserve you pleased, and the intensity increases automatically until you turn it off, making each moment greater enjoyable.

Magic Umi gives various vibrating modes to fit your precise goals. Whether you want simultaneous or separate clitoral and G-spot stimulation, Magic Umi can do it all. Made with safe and soft materials, Magic Umi ensures long-lasting pleasure and durability.

*Important Reminder: Magic Umi is designed for short-term use only and is not recommended for prolonged wear.

Set Up the Time

To make the most of the timer feature in the Magic Motion app, please follow these simple steps:

Open the Magic Motion app: Turn on the bluetooth, make sure your device is connected to the app.

Navigate to the Alarm feature: Tap the “Alarm” option in the main menu.

Set the desired time: Use the time picker to set the desired duration.

Select the timer mode setting:

Wake-up mode: Select the vibration intensity (e.g., Normal, Fast).

Vibration mode: Select the type of vibration pattern you prefer (e.g., Storm, Dynamic, etc.).

Bed mode: Turn the feature on or off based on your preference for nighttime vibrations.

Alarm ringing interval: Set the interval for the timer to ring if it is not turned off (e.g., 5 minutes, 10 minutes).

Activate the timer: Make sure the “Alarm is on” toggle switch is enabled, indicated by a green check mark.

Confirm your settings: Press the check mark button to save the timer settings.

Turn off the timer: If you need to deactivate the timer, simply tap the “Turn off alarm” button at the bottom.

The Benefits of the Feature

Moments of Pleasure

Enjoy gentle or excessive vibrations at the time you set, making your moments more pleasing and thrilling.

Customizable Experience

Choose from a number of vibration modes and intensities to suit your choices.


Suitable for everyday use or special activities, upload a hint of pleasure on your daily habitual.

Enhanced Durability

Both products are fabricated from top notch materials for long-lasting satisfaction.

Awakened through Orgasm

Experience the remaining satisfaction of waking up by using orgasm, making your morning definitely memorable.


The Magic Motion app’s alarm feature is a great way to add some pleasure to your daily routine. Whether you use Magic Nyx for gentle stimulation or Magic Umi for flexible pleasure, our products are designed to enhance your experience and make your moments more pleasurable. Experience the magic of timed gratification with Magic Motion!

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