Magic Solstice X Takes you Into an Exciting World

Magic Solstice X Takes you Into an Exciting World

Where great design, functionality, and personal pleasure intersect, you will find the Magic Solstice X. This little toy packs an unbelievable amount of features in a small frame, and delivers an unrivaled experience you will not quickly forget. At its heart, it places, and keeps you trully in control of your personal massage while providing a multitude of new experiences all at your leisure.

The foundation of this toy is laid by its trully amazing design and functional build. The outer silicone all-over covering keeps you comfortable with its "soft-to-skin" feel, protecting you during even the most energetic sessions. The seamless 100% waterproof outer layer also makes for a quick cleanup with warm soapy water. Dried off and stored in provided slip pouch, the toy will last many a vigorous event and come back for more.

Dual motors drive the core of the edge, and it will you as well. One on the head of the insert, and one on the handle that rests on the perinium while in position. These little motors are STRONG, capable of slow gentle oscillations to earth shattering vibez. Individualy controlled in the app, the combinations of frequencies and harmonies and power levels are endless.

The insert head is not too big to be uncomfortable or difficult to insert, but also not so small it leaves you wanting more. The head is attached to a slim adjustable neck to ensure the right fit for our many varied and unique bodies, allowing to zero it in on that O so wonderful spot. If it keeps sliding out, adjust the angle down, if not enough sensation on the P, angle it back up. Customizing minutely to your own anatomy makes this the most comfortable massager I've tried yet.

Comes with 6 preloaded patterns out of the box I believe, selected by simply pressing the power button. It is totally usable and ready to go once charged for plenty of sensation without any other items. You will have to provide your own USB wall charger, the magnetic tipped charging chord is supplied in box.

However, connecting the Magic Solstice X to your bluetooth enabled phone is when it's true potential is unleashed. Quick download and simple sign up on the Magic Motion app, you are now in command of your experience. Really fast simple link-up, and you have full control to set sensitivity levels, direct free-form play on the remote tab, creating and recording patterns of your own saveable for later. There are preloaded as well as community patterns available to like or download ensuring your favorites are never lost. Theres even options for games that vibe, pairing with audio from Youtube music, interactive videos to sink with and so much more.

For those that want to venture a little further than just prerecorded pleasure, theres Control link sharing; giving control of your toy to someone else with a single use or reoccurring link. Whether you share your link with someone you know, or like the thrill of an anonymous digital rendezvous way of the Control Roulette tab, you're guaranteed an exciting ride. Sink with your digital partner's Magic Motion, or have mutual control, or just be controlled. Each session has its own private chat channel. Send texts if you like, and voice notes too for that additional interaction. Leave the control channels at any time, or stay longer if the vibez are good.

As you will discover, Magic Motion provides both an extremely high quality product as well as amazing additional services to go with. The Magic Solstice X's flexibility of form and function deliver an unrivaled physical experience at your command. Combined with solid tech linking to the Magic Motion communities, your adventure is as subtle or wild as you feel for the day. Now go get some vibez!!

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