What Is Slow Sex Or Slow Love?

What Is Slow Sex Or Slow Love?

Everything is becoming very fast in today's world, and we have lost interest in enjoying things that take time and slowness. We can easily buy ready-to-eat food in supermarkets, and technology has saved us a lot of time in various daily tasks.

Magic Motion What is slow sex or slow love

Similarly, sex has become too fast. If we compare sex to dining, Americans are the sexual equivalent of a fast food joint- an In-N-Out, if you will.
Work, study, and family responsibilities make it difficult for lovers to have time for sex. Therefore, for many people, sex becomes a mechanical commitment, which deteriorates the quality of interpersonal relationships.
Why is it that only 29% of women report reaching orgasm during sex compared to 75% of men? The duration of sex should be a mistake in God's creation of human beings. Men can reach orgasm in three or four minutes or even two minutes, while women need 15 to half an hour to reach orgasm. We have to say such a sharp scissors difference is a natural law rather than an individual's will.
More and more people are pursuing slow sex. This trend has attracted people's attention because it promotes a beautiful relationship between lovers.
How to practice slow sex with a partner?
Slow sex requires slowing down the sensory experience. The pursuit is to feel like tasting a piece of chocolate: sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch must be synchronized.
Magic Motion What is slow sex or slow love
There is nothing complicated or too scientific about slow sex, and you need to pay attention to:
Enjoy the process instead of thinking about the results.
Enjoy happiness seriously.
Enjoy the pleasure of slow sex.
Here are some ways to practice slow sex movements for the first time. Gradually gain confidence, and you can try new things and stick to those that are best for you and your partner. Do you want to know how to get more and better orgasms? Learn all the details of the sensory art that feels pleasure here
Magic Motion What is slow sex or slow love

Make Eye Contact

Combining eye contact with your sex is a simple technique for slow sex. Eye contact is a gesture of respect, understanding, and interest. Many people focus on the genital area and forget that a good sexual experience is more than just penetration. It is crucial to make the other person feel needed, which will significantly affect women's satisfaction. When you make eye contact, you will stimulate emotions to resonate, leading to amplifying sexual pleasure.

Use Lube in Unexpected Ways

Experiment with other uses of lubricants in unexpected places. For example, observe the natural curves of your partner's body-their neck, lower back, buttocks, or inner thighs, and use lubricating oil. These extra minutes of play will extend the duration of sex and enhance the experience.
Use light strokes instead of fast movements. The delicate touch will be fascinating when the action's pressure, time, and frequency are correct. Think of sex like a porn game, and the goal is to tease your partner and enjoy more experience from start to finish.

Play Hard to Get

There is nothing more appropriate than adding a little suspense to improve the experience and slow down the speed. The classic game of getting and making your partner wait for their orgasm is another technique for slow sex. The practice of "marginal" or "orgasm training" can add more time to your foreplay and prolong the time that leads to orgasm, thereby bringing you and your partner a higher experience.

Focus on Your Breathing

Pay attention to breathing, which is an essential part of slow sex. It allows you to understand your partner's feelings and is also the key to prolonging sex. Deep breathing can increase your chances of slow sex because it increases the oxygen content in the blood, thereby promoting relaxation throughout the body. Whenever you are in trouble, practice deep breathing and refocus to avoid premature ejaculation.

Play with Scents

Consider the environment. Texture, color, and smell can also affect the arousal of libido, so it is a good idea to play with essential oils, candles, aromatherapy humidifiers, etc. Stimulating the limbic brain associated with memory, libido, and emotions before and during sex may trigger a more memorable experience that awakens you and your partner.
You can also think of various ways to slow down, such as wearing more complicated underwear, playing a strip game, playing soothing music, letting him get used to this rhythm, or trying a Magic Motion APP-controlled sex toy.

The benefits of slow love

Slow sex can increase sensitivity and improve understanding between couples. It can also solve the problem of sexual dysfunction encountered by many people.
Other benefits of slow sex worth knowing are:
It can be used as a tool for self-awareness, allowing us to identify and explore our favorite things in bed.
Make the pressure to reach orgasm less.
It promotes sexual creativity because we can introduce resources such as vibrators, whipped cream, fruits, and technically, we can use anything for sex.
For men, slow sex can make an erection last longer.
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