The world is getting back to business while the pandemic is passing, but life has changed a lot. Let's navigate the "new normal" sex life. Between watching series, masturbating, watching porn, cleaning and disinfecting, chatting on Tinder, following recipes live on TV, then eating, calling, and masturbating again with a few toys. You begin to have gone around. Are you tired of masturbating alone? Or by screens interposed with your loved one or your ass? You are in the right place. Discover in this article some tips to spice it up!  


Are you single or in a relationship, and your partner is a thousand miles from you? Therefore, you have to have sex at a distance since the start of the lockdown, but it gets boring and repetitive? Sexting, dating apps, webcam, today you will become an expert in the field and live enjoyable virtual adventures.

Remote sex 

Before the pandemic, we pitied all our friends who had long-distance relationships. Today, it is "love at a distance"! We have new communication technologies, and half the world's population is on social networks. Sexting, sexcam, or audio calls, everything is possible to send erotic messages to your partner. 

You can even send a naughty little package containing sexy lingerie, accessories, sex toys, or even a riddle for the evening. With virtual sex, no more distance, no more abstinence. 


Plenty of resources are available! 

Pandemic does not rhyme with decreased libido or vaginal dryness. Show your imagination! The pink telephone is over. Facetime, Skype, Whats app if it's at the end of the world or Snapchat, the tools are not lacking these days. It's up to you to tinker and be creative! 

Dating apps and sites

Do you not know where to start? Talk about lockdown or outright the coronavirus. Not very sexy, but hey, it's a universal subject. We must seize this opportunity to meet uninhibited meetings. 

The relationship will be a platonic relationship throughout the lockdown period. But think about post-pandemic. It is the perfect time to warm up and build up desire before releasing and relieving your craving soul. Above all, don't get upset if you haven't heard from him, he might be busy or run out of battery. If it lasts, move on, people who you are love. There are a dozen dating apps. So, don't despair. Hunt! 


Coronavirus and Gender

The sexcam: as a couple, meeting with an app

We all have a webcam. Remove the tape and let your partner observe you through this small eyepiece.
The sexcam, or videocam, is the modern version of the sex tape. This pornographic video of us being a naked film on a camcorder. Did you forget that word? Me too! Anyway, the sexcam has several advantages. No ads, no waiting, it's free. It just requires having a great connection to avoid getting frustrated in the middle of a show. 

If you are in a relationship, surprise him with connected outfits or sex toys¬†and become the master of the situation‚ÄĒrole¬†play.¬†You can even set frequencies or choose to be more impulsive.¬†Do what you saw.¬†Be bold!¬†An¬†ass plan, a chance meeting made on the networks,¬†or a regular partner is¬†an excellent way to satisfy your desire.¬†

Followers of prostitutes,¬†remember that we are in a pandemic¬†and the era of 2.0.¬†therefore avoid going to brothels‚ÄĒfavor¬†sexcam over¬†chat rooms or pornographic sites that¬†abound on¬†the web.

Coronavirus and Gender


Also known as "sexting," a mix of sex and texting. I'm not doing the translation for you, and these are texts about sex. We also hear about "sexting." This term is more general. It encompasses all types of "electronic sexual messages." Either they are messages sent via applications, by webcam, or audios. 

Use sexting as foreplay. Do a sexual teasing with "dicks pics" or "nude" photos! Unveil your naked body step by step: a piece of the torso, a piece of underwear that escapes, a piece of buttock or breast, or even the whole panoply of sexual accessories that you keep by your side until the evening comes that is the moment fatal. Now is the time to release the sexual pressure accumulated during these hours of sexting to go and surrender in front of the camera. 

Pair sex emojis with your sext for color. Like traditional bananas? or eggplant? (phallus), the three drops? (wet, ejaculate), the hanging tongue? (lick, suck), the open mouth? (sensual, swallow) or the peach? (buttocks). But still the purple devil?, Mischievous and mysterious, we love it! There are combinations as if to signify the desire to make an "olive" or a finger in the anus, send ??. However, the clown? We forget, like killing love, there is no better. In addition, your virtual partner may be coulrophobic. 


Connected sex toys (or not)

We had all heard of the so-called shortages of pasta or PQ when the lockdown was announced. But sex toys are making a comeback. Sales have exploded since the onset of the coronavirus around the world. And yes, sex is a great diet, besides being an excellent remedy for boredom.

Singles or as a couple, this is the opportunity to make discoveries. There is no shortage of time, so there is no shortage of excuses. Dildo, anal plug, heating or developing lubricant, raspberry flavor, and all kinds of sex toys and all sizes are natural sources of inspiration to spice up your sexual intercourse. 

Test the connected sex toys, these 2.0 sex toys that allow remote control. You manage your partner's pleasure remotely through an application that is linked to the sex toy. Increase or decrease the speed of the movements, turn on, off. You are the master of his pleasure. You can stimulate it at any time. "Chastity cage deactivated," and the game can begin ...

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