With more and more people - individuals and couples alike - incorporating sex toys into their sex lives, it's no surprise that companies are trying to find new products.

And with new options for remote control toys, couples who want to use these items for long-distance love sessions can experience a whole new world that opens up.

Magic Motion Remote control sex toys for long-distance love

Long-distance sex

Interest in long-distance sex dates back several years. Steamy love letters served to keep a relationship hot in the days leading up to the phone and Skype. With a greater openness of couples to the desire for personal pleasure, more and more partners now find themselves engaged in long-distance dates from separate cities - if not continents.

Until recently, however, one person using, for example, a vibrator during a steamy phone conversation with their lover controlled all the vibrating action on their own. Now, with wifi and Bluetooth, and so many other advancements, couples can find a way to lend a helping hand from afar.

So how does it work?

A guy can't just pull out an old vibrator and tell his partner on the phone to turn it on for him. Only sex toys designed for long-distance remote control will work.

In general, most of these long-distance sex toys are created for use with a smartphone - and usually by downloading a particular app designed for that object. So it takes a little planning. Once the app is installed, a person can then experiment with it to see its functions. For example, how does he control the rate of a vibrator? Are there only multiple levels (say, 1-5)? Or does it have a sliding scale without numbers, where a person can provide more significant level of vibrational activity? In some cases, the control may take up the entire screen, with different hand movements and touch speeds affecting the "output" end of the machine.

In some cases, a toy can be controlled by something other than a person. For example, some toys vibrate to the beat of a song.

And for minds who love stats, some remote control sex toys include ways to track usage as well. If a particular session caused a powerful climax, the user might research the settings used and try to replicate that experience.

Some remote-controlled sex toys have an alarm clock vibrator function, a partner sets a specific vibration time, and the partner wearing the toy will be hit by a sudden sexual stimulus. This controlled suddenness brings an extraordinary experience.

The advantage of remote control sex toys for couples, of course, is that they can use their control of the toys to interact more physically when they can't be physically together. One partner may ask the other to go faster or slower, as they do when they are together in bed.

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