Magic Kegel APP Introduction and Guide

Magic Kegel APP Introduction and Guide

Magic Kegel APP is a mobile application designed for Kegel training. When users perform Kegel exercises, they can use Magic Kegel APP to make plans, track data, set personalized reminders, and practice regularly to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel Training

Kegel training is a method of training that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles (i.e. the muscles that control urine flow) by repeatedly contracting and relaxing them. This exercise is beneficial to both men and women, and has significant effects on improving bladder control, enhancing sexual health, and improving overall pelvic floor health. It is especially important for women's health and quality of life.

For women, by persisting in Kegel exercises, urinary incontinence can be significantly improved, postpartum recovery can be promoted, and the quality of sexual life can be improved. At the same time, it can also prevent pelvic organ prolapse and improve overall pelvic floor health.

For men, Kegel exercises can also help improve urination control, such as urinary incontinence after prostate surgery. At the same time, strong pelvic floor muscles can also help men improve sexual function. Therefore, Kegel exercises are a healthy exercise method worth promoting and persisting in.

Magic Kegel APP Developer Team

Magic Kegel APP is developed by the Magic Motion team, which is known for its outstanding innovation and expertise in the field of smart health technology.

Founded in 2013, Magic Motion is a technology company focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of smart health products. The company is committed to providing users with high-quality smart health products and improving the quality of life through advanced technology and innovative design.

Magic Motion's core mission is to help users achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle through smart technology and scientific methods. The company has a multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers, designers and health experts who work together to apply the latest technology to the development of health products.

Magic Kegel APP Features

The Magic Kegel APP helps users to perform Kegel exercises scientifically and effectively, strengthen pelvic floor muscle strength, and improve pelvic floor health problems by providing customized training plans, real-time interactive feedback, detailed progress tracking, multiple exercise modes, user communities, and personalized reminders. The Magic Kegel APP is not only easy to operate, but also powerful, making it an ideal choice for women to exercise their pelvic floor muscles.

Customized training plans

The Magic Kegel APP can provide tailored training plans based on the individual needs and goals of users (such as postpartum recovery, enhancing the quality of sexual life, preventing urinary incontinence, etc.). These plans cover different difficulty levels, ensuring that everyone from beginners to advanced users can find a suitable exercise program, and gradually increase the intensity of training to help users gradually strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Interactive feedback

The Magic Kegel APP monitors the user's practice in real time by working with smart Kegel devices (such as Bluetooth-connected Kegel balls). The device can sense the user's muscle contraction and relaxation, and provide instant feedback and guidance through the APP to help users adjust and improve their exercise posture and strength to ensure that each exercise achieves the best effect.

Progress tracking and data analysis

The APP has detailed progress tracking and data analysis functions, recording the data of each user's exercise, including the number of exercises, duration and intensity. Through charts and statistics, users can clearly understand their progress and exercise results. These data can also help users set new goals and adjust their training plans to constantly challenge themselves.

Multiple exercise modes

The Magic Kegel APP provides a variety of exercise modes and courses to meet the different needs of users. In addition to standard training plans, the APP also includes some interesting gamification exercises, which make the exercise process more interesting through games and increase user participation and persistence. This diverse design allows users to enjoy the fun while completing effective pelvic floor muscle training unconsciously.

User Community

The APP has a built-in user community platform where users can share their practice experiences and insights, encourage and support each other. The community also regularly invites professional obstetricians and gynecologists and physical therapists to give online lectures and answer questions, so that users can get professional guidance and suggestions to further improve the practice effect.

Personalized Reminder

Magic Kegel APP provides a personalized reminder function. Users can set timed reminders to ensure that they will not forget to do daily Kegel exercises. This function helps users develop a regular practice habit and achieve their expected health goals faster.

Multi-device support

Magic Kegel APP supports the connection of multiple smart devices. Users can choose the device type that suits them (such as different models of Kegel balls) and enjoy a personalized practice experience. At the same time, the APP is compatible with multiple mobile device platforms, including iOS and Android systems, ensuring that more users can download and use it easily.

Magic Kegel APP Instructions

Download and Installation

Select "Magic Kegel" from the APPs drop-down list in the Magic Motion store, and download and install the APP. You can also search for "Magic Kegel" on the mobile APP Store to download and install the APP. After the installation is completed, open the APP and register a new account or log in with an existing account. Complete the personal profile settings, including age, gender, goals and other information.

Connect the device using Bluetooth

The Kegel trainer sold by Magic Motion is used in conjunction with the Magic Kegel APP. Whether you buy Kegel Master Gen2, Crystal Duo or Kegel Coach, you can connect to Bluetooth to perform Kegel training. Of course, the Magic Kegel content provided by different Kegel trainers is also different. After all, each Kegel trainer has different focuses. Therefore, please choose a Kegel trainer that suits you.

Start practicing

It doesn't matter if you are a novice. After entering the App, choose a training plan or course that suits you and practice according to the instructions of the APP. The Magic Kegel APP will provide real-time feedback and guidance to help users complete each movement correctly.

The Magic Kegel APP is easy to operate and effective. By persisting in practicing, you will clearly feel the increase in pelvic floor muscle strength. Many obstetricians and gynecologists and physical therapists recommend the Magic Kegel APP as an auxiliary tool to help women perform scientific and effective pelvic floor muscle training.


Magic Motion insists on continuous innovation and improvement, keeps up with technological development and market demand, makes significant innovative contributions to the field of sex technology, and is committed to becoming a global leading smart health technology company.

Magic Kegel APP is one of Magic Motion's important innovations in the field of sexual health. It uses smart technology to help users perform Kegel exercises scientifically and effectively, improve pelvic floor health and quality of life. Magic Motion focuses on user needs and continuously innovates and optimizes products to ensure that each product can meet the actual needs of users.

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