Enhance Your Intimacy with Magic Motion's Chat Control

Enhance Your Intimacy with Magic Motion's Chat Control

At Magic Motion, we understand that staying connected together with your partner can be hard, especially when you're apart. That's why we created Chat Control, a completely unique characteristic inside the Magic Motion app that permits you and your partner to live related and close, even when you're miles away.
Unlike WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Discord or other messaging apps, Chat Control not only allows you to send text, music, pictures and voice messages, but also gives you real-time control of app-enabled sex toys. This feature turns your smartphone into a remote control, allowing you to share intimate moments and stay connected no matter how far apart you are.

Introducing Chat Control

Chat Control is a feature in the Magic Motion app that lets in you and your accomplice to engage with our app-enabled sex toys. You can invite your companion to a personal chat in which you may send text, music, photos, and voice note to control the toy. With Chat Control, your sexting turns into extra interactive and attractive. It's greater than just a remote play - it is a way to share intimate moments.


How Chat Control Works

Download Magic Motion App

Make sure both you and your partner have the Magic Motion app on your smartphones. It's available for iOS and Android.

Connect to Your Toy

Follow the instructions in the app to connect your Magic Motion toy to your phone. Make sure the toy is charged and within Bluetooth range.

Open Chat Control

Go to the Chat Control in the app. You'll find it as the first option in the main menu.


Invite Your Partner

Send an invite to your partner by selecting "Invite Your Partner" and invitation method. They will get a notification to join the session. Or it will generate a code for your partner to join the session. Apart from the default WhatsApp option, when selecting "Other," you can choose any app that the user has opened or allowed. This way, you can invite a partner directly through the opened app. Alternatively, you can copy the invite code and send it to your partner. As long as you don’t quit the app or the “Cancel” button at the bottom isn’t pressed, the code remains valid. (However, network connection issues might require a new invite.)


Boost Your Online Dating with Chat Control

When chatting with someone on a dating app like Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, or in a community such as Reddit, Discord, or Facebook Groups, send them an invitation code to join you in a private session on Chat Control. This is where the magic happens.

5. Start Chatting

Once your partner accepts the invite, you can start your private session. Use the app to send texts, share music, send pictures, and control the toy with your voice. This real-time interaction makes it feel more connected.


Text Messaging: Send messages to percentage your thoughts and goals.
Music Control: Sync the toy's vibrations with your favorite songs for a custom designed enjoy.
Hand-drawn Control: Draw styles or movements on your display to control the toy in specific methods.
Customizable Control: Create and keep your very own vibration styles for a customised experience.
Image Sharing: Share photographs to make the session greater immersive.
Voice Message: Send voice messages to speak in your accomplice, making it greater personal.

Tips for a Better Experience

Communicate Openly: Talk about your boundaries and preferences before starting to ensure both of you enjoy the session.

Get Creative: Use the app to send flirty messages, share your favorite songs, or draw unique patterns to control the toy. The possibilities are endless.

Use Good Quality Media: High-quality music and images make the experience better.

Stay Connected: Ensure a stable internet connection for smooth communication and control.


Chat Control is a fun and exciting way to stay close to your partner, even when you're apart, using technology to enhance your connection and intimacy. Download the Magic Motion app today and discover how Chat Control can transform your dating experience, making it more engaging, exciting, and intimately connected.

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