A Comprehensive Guide For Kegel Master

A Comprehensive Guide For Kegel Master

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Vaginal muscle PC muscle decreases with aging and childbirth. When having bladder issues, you are told to do the Kegel exercise.

You assume you will regain the reign of your bladder after doing the Kegel exercise.

"Practice makes perfect."

how to use Kegelmaster

Soon you find it hard to find the right place for your pelvic floor muscles.

If you are not sure if you are using the right muscles to do the Kegel exercise, "practice makes perfect" means nothing.

how to use Kegelmaster

What is Kegelmaster?

This time, we would like to introduce the Kegelmaster Gen2, a pelvic floor muscle training device.

how to use Kegelmaster

It is recommended for females who don't understand the pelvic floor muscles' contraction or know how to use their strength to squeeze the muscles.

how to use Kegelmaster

How to use kegelmaster?

First, download the Magic KegelMaster app "magic kegel" to your smartphone or tablet. And then turn on the device.

how to use Kegelmaster

(Please apply water-based lubricant so as not to hurt your vagina, and insert it slowly with the round power button on your abdomen.)

When linking with the app, connect via Bluetooth, and when the word "connection successful" appears, you are ready to begin.


The Quick Guide of the app helps you find where your pelvic floor muscles are.

Follow the on-screen instruction to find the position.

At this time, attach the attached anchor (stopper) to the tail part.

This anchor has the role of fixing the body in the optimal position in the vagina to train the PC muscle.
how to use Kegelmaster

Click "Workout" ,and then you will see various training courses such as "Entry Level," "muscle Recovery." And "honeymoon" aims to enhance sexual pleasure, and you can choose the course that suits your level and situation.

how to use Kegelmaster


Now you can begin the training!

The coach of the app will say "Tighten ~ Loosen ~" and at the same time, the main body will vibrate, making it easier to grasp the timing.

In this way, training is to tighten and loosen the vagina tightly!


Vaginal pressure and endurance control ability are quantified and recorded by the app for each training so that you can see daily changes and exercise results in the "Statistical."

how to use Kegelmaster

In addition, there are many interesting gimmicks in the app, and if you tighten the main body with vaginal pressure, the birds on the screen will fly, and by continuing training, the plants in the app will grow. You can enjoy it like a game. Exercise seems to last for a long time.

how to use Kegelmaster

It also has a function called "FUN mode" that vibrates for pleasure, so it's nice to be able to enjoy it not only as a vaginal training device but also as a pleasure toy twice.

how to use Kegelmaster


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