Best Kegel Exercise App for Pelvic Floor Training

Best Kegel Exercise App for Pelvic Floor Training


Kegel exercises can help you strengthen your pelvic floor during pregnancy and postpartum—and these free apps make it easy. Pregnant women and new moms are no strangers to advice—but one that's given time and time again: Do kegel exercises.

After all, whether you're pregnant (putting too much weight on the pelvic floor muscles that support your uterus, bladder, and rectum) or postpartum (just pushed a baby through your pelvis—hi, muscle stretching!), your pelvic floor may need A little TLC. When your pelvic floor muscles are strong and coordinated, this helps prevent and treat urinary and even fecal incontinence. Experts often say that Kegel exercises—isolation exercises that contract and then relax the pelvic floor—are one of the best ways to strengthen this group of muscles during pregnancy and postpartum.

What Is Kegel Exercise App

Kegel exercise apps are like your virtual fitness buddies that you can download for free! They're nifty programs that guide you through different Kegel exercises, show you the right way to do them, and even help you set goals. Plus, they keep track of your progress over time.

Think of these apps as your personal trainers for pelvic health. They're not just about giving instructions; they're here to remind you, motivate you, and make sure you stay on track with your Kegel exercises. So, whether you're a mom-to-be or a new mom, these apps make it easy and fun to strengthen your pelvic floor. Get ready to say goodbye to consistency struggles and hello to a stronger pelvic floor with the help of these friendly apps!

The best Kegel Exercise App - Magic Kegel

If you're pregnant, recently had a baby, or are just looking for ways to stay responsible while tightening your pelvic floor, a Kegel exercise app may be helpful.

Find Fun Way To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscle

Kegel Coach and Kegel Master Gen2 are smart Kegel trainers that help users overcome training obstacles such as not finding the correct position of the pelvic floor muscles, erroneously applying force, or not insisting on training. Through patented sensor technology, combined with Magic Kegel, the Kegel Training APP course, that has been summarized over the past few years, Kegel Coach and Kegel Master Gen2 can evaluate the user's pelvic floor muscle training results and motivate users to adhere to training.

Force-Feedback Kegel Training

Ever wondered how our Kegel Coach and Kegel Master Gen2 take pelvic floor training to the next level? Let's break it down:

1.Places our Kegel Coach or Kegel Master Gen2 in the pelvic floor muscles and squeezes the pelvic floor muscles correctly.

2.Built-in vibrator will respond to the vibration according to the strength of the force.

3.The pelvic physiotherapist can guide the user to find the correct pelvic floor muscle position and guide the user to apply the correct force. It's like having a personalized training session in the comfort of your home.

4.After the user masters the Kegel training method, the therapist can guide the user to use a simple squeeze-relaxation training method or use the built-in course of the APP for training.

In essence, our Force-Feedback Kegel Training isn't just a set-it-and-forget-it experience. It's a personalized, dynamic, and guided journey towards a stronger pelvic floor. Welcome to the future of Kegel exercises!

Free Kegel Exercises APP

The Magic Kegel app gently guides you through your initial training with six different programs. It provides a clear and simple explanation for every exercise, and lots of advice for a perfect workout, every time.


There are two secrets to getting significant results from your Kegel exercises:

-Do your Kegel exercises properly

-Do your Kegel exercises regularly

That's it! This is why the free Kegel exercises app Kegel Master mainly focuses on these two basics of pelvic floor training with data and reward support.

Explore Magic Kegel APP

Magic Kegel exercise app teaches you how to do your kegel exercises properly . These are the five features that will teach you how to do your Kegel exercises properly:


Force-Feedback mode

6 Training programs

Biofeedback training


Real-time APP Exercise

When the user performs the Kegel training in the APP training mode, the bird on the APP UI synchronously displays the state in which the user tightens and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles, and the higher the bird flies, the greater the power of the user's pelvic floor muscle contraction. According to the beat of the training course, the user needs to control the movement of the bird to fly and fall.


Seeing your progress is an important part of staying motivated!

Our Kegel exercise app, Kegel Master, shows you types of statistics: detailed statistics, progression.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to clarity with our statistics feature. Your progress is not just a number; it's a testament to your commitment to a stronger, healthier you. Ready to turn those stats into success? Let's get started!

Ergonomic design

Our kegel products are designed to be suitable for users in different regions. The compact shape and specially designed tail ensure that your pelvic floor muscle signals can be captured and transmitted to your smartphone via wireless signals.

High Sensitive Pressure Sensors

The patented multi-point and multi-zone thin-film pressure sensor is the core of signal acquisition. Unlike any other Kegel training products on the market, our sensors have more signal points, higher sensitivity, and cover as much as possible on the product area to ensure that your pelvic floor muscle data can be detected.


“Kegel exercises are designed for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that are weakened and overly loose or lax,” says Dr. Evantash, a Massachusetts-based OB-GYN and chief medical advisor at Materna Medical. As you dive into each session, remember, the numbers aren't just data points; they're victories. Your dedication shines through in every squeeze and relaxation, building a stronger and healthier pelvic floor.

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