6 Tips for Pleasuring Women

6 Tips for Pleasuring Women

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"Love makes all hard hearts gentle." This quote becomes sensitive when it comes to making a hard woman gentle. Does it sound scary?? Or difficult? Well, it is, and it is not. Because what a woman's body desires to make her feel pleasurable is varied. Despite the generic diversity of romance, it shares a standard narrative. That is love, excitement, adventure, and pleasure. Whether we are in a relationship, we always crave intimacy and romance. And romance is not genuine if it is without fun. A turning point is making a woman ready for that trill. Men take less time stimulating, while women take more time in stimulating. Follow the given steps below to make a woman happy in bed.


Communication is necessary before initiating the foreplay. It's better to have a random conversation with your partner about her likes, dislikes. Then you can discuss more intimate things, sex positions, and sex. Such talks will make the atmosphere more erotic and sexier.

Magic Motion  6 Tips for Pleasuring Women

The right beginning; Spooning hug

There are sensitive steps to have an intense orgasm, from spending more time in foreplay to many sensual positions.

Before starting,

路 Make sure your lady is comfortable.

路 Offer her wine, berries, or chocolate.

路 Lay her down by placing a pillow beneath her head and putting her legs straight in the air.

路 Use a cream spray bottle, put it over her boobs, lips, and belly to lick those areas.

路 It will make her smile; love, and she will start enjoying it.

路 Get close to her, give her a spooning hug with you in the back.

路 She will get excited with your polite jerk.

路 Play with her hair, kiss her ear, move down your chin from her neck to back.

路 While you keep kissing and licking, move your fingertips over her nipples, belly, and thigh.

路 Stimulate and excite her with your tender touch and hard kisses.

路 Find the sensitive spots at this stage. Women are most often concerned about a man's alertness and willingness to fulfill her desires.

Resistance to orgasm

The goal for orgasm is to have immense pleasure. So, the more you go deep inside the levels of orgasm, the pleasure increases by resisting not to reach orgasm. Going fast will not have much pleasure, and a weak orgasm to occur. Instead of speeding toward the finish line, building rich ways can encourage better, stronger orgasms.

How? Have a look below

路 Resistance will make her crave more for you. Such as licking her skin from the tip of your tongue, rubbing your lowers with her.

路 Increasing this stimulation by using a slim vibrator

路 Using sex toys can aid both physical and mental benefits.

路 Physical benefit is the increase of blood flow to the vagina due to stretching.

路 This blood flow enables good penetration during sex. A slim vibrator can be helpful for you to make your lady wet.

路 Resistance is, pull her back with sensual tactics to have a much stronger orgasm.

Magic Motion  6 Tips for Pleasuring Women

Sensitive spots

The human body has sensitive areas having rich nerve endings. These nerve endings are rich in meeting orgasm. These body parts are





Inner tighs

At this stage, she has reached a state where she sees the stars and feels flying. Now spread her legs, put them on your shoulders, and bend down facing her vagina. Hold her boob with one hand, wet your fingers with the left hand, and rub her clitoris gently.

As she starts responding, start licking it, keep doing it after some time, stop it. Kiss her lips. She will try to dominate but don't let her do it. On that note, bend her over, lick her back, move down your tongue along her back and reach her booty.

Use both of your hands to make her open wide and lick her in the middle. After that, squeeze her booty and give a spank; give it harder if she likes. Now put your finger inside her vagina with your palm facing up, then curl your finger up to reach the G spot.

Pressuring this spot will make her moan and sound like never before. While having gentle pressure, keep licking her vagina too.

Let her take over

Now that she is touched and evoked at the fullest, she is ready to take the ride and has enjoyed the Play. Commonly women love those positions where her G spot and clitoris are stimulated more. Make her vagina open so that her clitoris touches your penis. Start rubbing, and she will rub her vagina too. Grab her boobs, pulling her closer towards you, and suck her nipples. Keep doing that until your partner's mouth get dry, and she starts sweating. Let her try all the positions she desires, give her a variety of postures, kissing spots by talking to her. It will make her feel that she is given all the pleasure she craves.

Magic Motion  6 Tips for Pleasuring Women

You give, and she loses.

After she enjoys all the positions herself, move forward. A heightened stimulation will be visible from the redness on her skin, the heat she radiates, the moans she makes. The is the time when she can explode at any moment. Facing towards her, get her laid on her back, hold her ass upright towards your face, lick her vagina give a hard bite to make her completely wet. Now put your penis head on her clitoris, start rubbing it, spank it, keep riding that way. Both of you are moaning, panting. She asks to get faster, faster, faster, allow her to soak in you deeply, and she will get wide. Now is the time you enter your finger, enter two, now three, keep fingering.

And bingo!!!!!

She will give a smile of satisfaction, love, and pleasure as she cum.

Now give her space to enjoy the after effect, then give a hug with a gentle kiss on her lips and forehead. As you provide it to her, you will have what you want as she likes. It is not the end of the story, and now when you had the best orgasm she wished for, both can enjoy deep sex and have more fun!!

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