Have you and your partner fallen into a routine under the covers? If you hope to add a little spice to your life, the solution might be in the palm of your hand, right on your phone.

You love each other, but the years have got the better of your sacred fire. Your libido is shy, and between races, the youngest's judo class, and work a bit stressful, it's hard to find the time (or the desire) to put your foot back in the stirrup. Thus, the passion is gone, leaving the marital bed cold and gloomy, abandoned by its complicity moment. But fortunately, all is not lost, far from it! For each problem, there is a solution! There are many ways to bring back the flame in the couple: stones, yoga, erotic challenges, and sexting. 

We often accuse smartphones of cutting us off from reality, but they could be the perfect solution to rekindle a dying flame in a relationship. We don't think about it, but naughty texts can be a great way to blow on the embers of love to rekindle the blaze. 

Call the nanny or the grandparents to come and pick up the children, and there will be some commotion at home!



It can be confusing to send a naughty text or a slightly sensual photo, and it can indeed seem weird to take a picture of yourself in undress or think of rude words. But you should especially not do not underestimate the power of these little messages, and they can be the starting point of a devouring desire that can only be satisfied once at home (it promises a day full of emotions). But beware, here too, it is a question of feeling. If sending a dick pic is a form of sexual assault because there is no consent agreement, the sexting is between two people who agree to enter this game of seduction. It is essential to do this with the trust of the other. 

There is no question of publishing the photos if the relationship ever turns sour. It is important to remember that Revenge Porn is punishable by law: a person who disseminates intimate pictures or videos of a person in retaliation is liable to imprisonment and a fine.



You have to keep a certain notion of spontaneity in sexting, which programmed will have much less effect, that's obvious. So wait for your partner to start their day and, casually, start leaving some little clues over the messages. The important thing is to let your desires speak for themselves. The secret is to leave some doubt to create ambiguity, and if you and your partner are not used to sexting, this ambiguity will be even more confusing and exciting. Take it slow and let things settle in all day long.



You can even, if you wish, send a little daring photo to leave no room for doubt. But be careful, here too there are rules! It will all depend on your relationship with the person in question. If this is your life partner, there is no absolute rule, and it's up to you to do as you see fit. On the other hand, if it is a relationship that is a little young or with an ass, it is rather advisable to avoid showing your face. While it is true that Revenge Porn is punishable by law, not putting your head or any distinctive mark on the photo will prevent giving ideas to malicious people. 

The important thing is, of course, to be proud of the result before sending the photo. It is also important that there is reciprocity in the nude. If only one of the two partners plays the game, it can very quickly unbalance the game of seduction. And if this ever happens to you while you're at work, a quick trip to the bathroom will be more than enough to return the favor. 

Magic Motion Long Distance Relationship - THE SECRET OF A LASTING COUPLE


If there is something very regressive about phone sex (3615 pink phones), it is an excellent way to rekindle the flame of desire in the couple. It can even be a natural solution for couples who are in long-distance relationships. Make sure you choose the right moment, make yourself comfortable, and turn off anything that could disturb your bubble of sensuality. Once you make the call, let your desires speak for themselves, do not hesitate to make noise, to let your partner on the phone understand that you are enjoying yourself as much as he is. 

More and more sex toys are designed for geographically separated couples: connected, they allow one of the two partners to control the movements of the sex toys remotely with their smartphone. It's a perfect solution for having fun during phone calls or erotic video zooms. For once the technology is at our service, we won't complain!


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